Excuse Letter for Being Absent Due to Insomnia

Excuse letters are pieces of apology written to the company, organization, managers, or any authoritative agency by informing the cause of absence. An apology can be made by writing a text message but the appropriate and professional way of coping with the situation is to write a letter in the name of the administration, head of the department, or any person in charge.

Insomnia is a state of dizziness due to sleep deprivation, restlessness, and the anxiety thus generated. An insomniac is a person who has been suffering from a problem like that. It is a sleep disorder that keeps a person from sleeping; it becomes hard to sleep and thus creates other health issues.

It may result in mental disorders which affect a lot on the working capability of the insomniac. It lowers the performance of the person affected and thus, may produce less productive work. In some cases, it catches complications of the next level. It has various kinds and needs immediate examination and medical treatment.

Excuse letter for absence due to insomnia should be crafted by making the issue addressed directly to the employer, any educational institute, or where the person is bound to be present obligatorily. Open up about your insomniac issues. Tell your boss the situation and ask for his empathy. Addressing the issue while reasoning insomnia might need to give a detail about the condition sometimes to the extent of providing medical report by the doctor if the period of absence prevails long.

Following is the sample excuse letter for absence due to insomnia and can be used for a purpose likewise with required modification.

Sample Letter -1

Re. Excuse Letter for Absence due to Insomnia

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am the Assistant Chief Designer in your company. I am writing this letter to seek your pardon for my absence on 19th May 20XX, which was an important day for my presence. I came to know that the company was having some Turkish clients and there was a great deal to be decided to bind a contract with them.

Sir, my absence was because of insomnia. I had been having symptoms of acute insomnia which got worse due to my negligence and carefree attitude towards my health. I got severe headaches and stress due to insomnia which led me to seek professional advice.

The problem was affecting directly my working capabilities, stamina, and work quality. I went to the doctor who prescribed me certain medications. Every dose of the medicine was loaded with the dizziness and slumber. I could not inform the office administration for which I am regretful but it was completely unconsciously done.

The disease has affected me worsening working anxiety, stress, and mental depression. The doctor has advised me to stay relax and keep tracking my working and other habits. After discussing with my physician, I hope that the problem will not prevail long and will resolve soon.

I assure you to go through what has been missed due to my absence and review the contract done with Turkish clients. I seek your kind attention to this matter and pardon my absence keeping in view the situation.

Thank you.



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Sample Letter -2

Re. The excuse of Absence due to Insomnia

Dear Noah,

I heard that you have been very serious and upset about my absence on 10th March 20XX. This writing aims to explain to you my absence from the office from 2nd June 20XX to 3rd June 20XX. I did not come to the office as I realized that my productivity at work can be hindered by my mental condition due to long sleep deprivation. Sir, I am suffering from acute insomnia and I could not get up till next mid-day due to the consumption of medicines I took last night. I could not take calls or answer emails by the company that has put me into the place of guilt.

Sir, I am sorry for not reaching up to the company’s policy i.e. to inform the HR department about your absence. As I was in slumber and could not get up in time, I forgot to inform the department about my absence.

I am told that I have missed a lot of work in these two days which can bring losses to me and the department both. I promise you to make up the loss with the assistance of Mr. Ashok promised by him. I assure you to abide by the company’s policies in the future and take care of such matters.

I hope you will understand my position and pardon my absence. Thank you in anticipation.



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