Letter to Employees for Wearing ID Cards

The workplace is restricted to a lot of rules and policies. It is always a strict order to follow all the rules and regulations. Both ends need to be cooperative. Thus, cooperation from the staff as well as the administration gives a friendly work environment. Additionally, all the companies and organizations strive for a good reputation and good revenues. This all can be achieved with cooperation and teamwork and a friendly environment.

All the workplaces have dedicated car parking, café, sickbay etc. All facilities provided in a workplace are working under the strong supervision and tangible records. The employees or staff of a certain workplace needs their specific identification to avail all these facilities. The specific identification makes everything easy for both the management and the staff.

One important factor that employees must care about is their ID Cards. All workplaces issue ID Cards to their staff. It is good for distinction as well as safety and convenience. It is strictly ordered in a work environment to all the employees for wearing ID Cards. Usually, announcements are done through letters to all the members or employees in a workplace to wear ID Cards. In such cases, good cooperation is always needed from all the employees in a workplace.

When the management informs the staff about the strict policy of wearing ID Cards; they need to provide the concerning details. They need to inform if any specific way is determined. The last date must be given in case of those whose ID cards are not being made or in process.

Letter #1

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


It’s a new week and we would like to take a start with a new inspiration. We always take pride in our employees and the quality of work that they deliver. We are glad our employees are following all the rules and procedures that we set. However, we seem to be a bit disappointed with people not wearing their ID cards at work.

We all know that no one likes carrying their ID all the time. But we would appreciate if we can set a precedence of wearing ID cards during the working hours. This will help us maintain our individual identity and look more professional. Please let us know if anything concerned.

With thanks

Letter #2

It is the policy of [COMPANY NAME] that every employee must wear an identification card issued to him/her for the designation s/he works.

We at [COMPANY NAME] make sure that employees obey workplace policies to strengthen the professional environment. In the case you have any issues regarding your ID badge please contact Mr. [XYZ] at your earliest.

Letter #3

The supervisor of building-E Mr. Shafquet has reported that many employees are not wearing the employment id badges despite being given several warnings.

It is to mention that every employee must wear the employment id badge during his/her stay at the work. A spot visit will be made by the manager Mr. [XYZ] in the coming week. If an employee is found without carrying his/her identity card serious disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.

It is our responsibility to obey the workplace rules and regulations.


Letter to Employees for Wearing ID Cards


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