Debit Note Rejection Letter

Any kind of goods and services can be availed using the money. Money is an asset of an individual. This asset must be kept safe. The best way to keep it safe is through banks. In banks, people can save money, borrow money and invest money. Banks serve as a medium of exchange between supplier and consumer. One can easily send and receive money through banks instead of keeping cash in hand.

Sending and receiving is done based on debt and credit in banks. The terminologies of debit and credit are quite complex in the huge web of accounts. These accounts can be of a single person, a company or organization. All day long, millions of transactions are being done everywhere. The banks are the only places serving as a backbone on behalf of all the transactions.

Chances of errors always exist in the workplace. Sometimes system errors lead to wrong transactions. Sometimes typing errors lead to wrong transactions. Moreover, sending and receiving is done twice as a mistake. But all these errors are those which can be corrected. That is why the workplaces keep records of all kind of stuff being done. The records are much useful in terms of errors.

A debit note rejection letter is written if the debt requested is incorrect according to all the information and data of the relevant person. In this letter, the details of all the invoices and debit credit entries must be mentioned.

Debit Note Rejection Letter #1

Dear Marg,


Hope you’re doing great.

The new autumn collection has just arrived, and it looks amazing. We are so excited to fill our boutique with these beautiful pieces. While unpacking, we came across the Anya linen shirt, which seems to be ripped from the sleeves. The price for this shirt is $35.33.

Could you please issue us a credit note against this item? If not, then could you please issue us a revised debit note. I am attaching a picture of the item for your review. Please let us know should you want us to return/send the item back.

With Thanks



Debit note rejection letter


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