Letter to Boss to allow Work from Home

There are certain situations when you think it is more feasible for you to work from home. Sometimes, the company and the employee face the problem of scheduling which makes it difficult for the company and its employees to work with each other. In that situation, the employee can write a letter to his boss to convince him to allow him to work from home.

Importance of writing a letter to the boss:

It can be difficult for you to convince your boss to allow you to work from home because this may not be a trend in the company. Many employers want to have face time, and they believe that not working from the office can affect the productivity of the employee to a great extent.

Tips for writing the letter

No matter what reasons you have to communicate with your boss through the letter, it is always important to come off as a professional person who knows how to communicate with his employer. Here are the tips that can be followed for writing an effective letter to a boss:

Outline the reasons for supporting working from home:

When you are writing a letter to ask for permission from your boss, you should include all those details in the letter that rule out the possibility of your request getting rejected by your boss. You can easily reduce the chances of rejection from your boss by writing all the potential benefits that the company can have after the company decides to allow you to work from home. Furthermore, your boss should not feel that you are trying to find ease for you. For this, give all the reasons which have compelled me to write this letter

Research about the content:

When you are writing a letter to your boss with your claim for the company to have lots of benefits if he allows you to work from home, you should equip yourself with plenty of content in support of your claims.

Luckily, there is a lot of content on the internet that can help you support your claim of remote working. Also, there are lots of people working remotely for their company. You can meet them in person and talk to them about the benefits they are giving to their companies. You can quote their points in the letter to convince your boss.

Ask for permission:

After you have provided all the content that your boss needs to read in the letter to decide whether to permit you or not, you can come to the main part of the letter.

The letter should clearly state that you are asking your boss to permit you to work remotely from home. You can show gratitude to your boss in advance for permission. Also, mention in the letter that you are looking forward to your boss’s reply to this permission letter.

Sample Email & Letters


Please accept this letter as my humble request to allow me to work from home for a few months. I hope that by listening to the valid reason, you will ponder over my appeal. My residence is at a distance of two hours daily from my workplace. I remain sluggish all the time, and my concentration deviates while working. I am planning to move to New York in a few months. I am left with a lot of pending work each month. 

Working from home will allow me to work passionately, and my entire attention will be on work. It will also increase my productivity. It will help me accomplish the tasks within the given time. Once I move to New York, I assure you that I will start coming into the office in person. I am waiting for your positive response.


I hope you are doing well. I am Lucie Charles, and I am proposing this note to ask your permission to work from home. I need this favor due to an emergency.

My husband is a heart patient and recently underwent open heart surgery. He has been advised to take three weeks of bed rest by doctors as a safety measure. He needs my presence to take care of him during this time.

I want to keep a balance between things, and working from home will be suitable for me. It will make me able to concentrate on the work as well as look after my husband. I will not compromise on work quality and will deliberate on my services diligently. I will make sure to accomplish all the assignments within the given time. I hope that you will approve my request. I am anticipating your gentle answer.


This message aims to request that you permit me to work from home. As you know, the widespread [X] has taken the whole country by storm. It has made lives paralyzed and has been proclaimed the most substantial epidemic in history. Everyone is mentally disturbed due to this, and I believe that working from home is the best possible solution to avoid it. In experts’ opinion, we can lessen its widespread if we follow certain precautions.

Some major organizations have allowed their workers to work from home. As we belong to marketing, it would be easy for us to continue working from home. I believe that you will look into the seriousness of the matter. Thank you for your valuable time spent reading this message.


This is to bring to your attention that I am leaving for Brooklyn to attend my daughter’s graduation ceremony. It will take me some days there, and I do not want my absence to cause any inconvenience for you. I request that you permit me to work from home for five days. I will manage my schedule in such a way that work efficiency is not compromised. I will be back in Huston on [mention date] and will attend the office regularly.


I hope this email finds you in good health. I am David Ralph, working as a section officer in your organization. Please accept this message as my reverent invitation to work online for two weeks. I am suffering from a spinal injury, and I go to physiotherapy sessions daily. I cannot attend the office in this situation, but I do not want to affect my work due to it. It would be convenient for me to work from home for a few hours a day. My reports are attached to this message as authentication. It would be a benevolent act if my request got approved. Thanking in anticipation.


I am writing this letter to gently appeal to you to work from home. Daily commuting has become difficult for me due to snow storms and landslides. The experts have forecast heavy rainfall for the whole week. I cannot travel daily in this situation. It is my kind request to you that you understand the delicacy of the matter and allow me to work from home.

I assure you that I will leave no stone unturned in accomplishing the tasks in due time. I will be in your debt if you give kind consideration to my appeal. Please send me a confirmation email if my application is approved.

Letter to boss to allow work from home