Printable Nursing ID Card Templates

The nursing identification (ID) cards are issued to the registered nurses of a certain hospital, clinic, nursing home, or any healthcare facility. These cards are issued by the employers of the nurses or the owners of health facilities. These cards are used to identify an individual nurse and smoothen the work processes.

Some of the registered nurses might be certified nurses as well, which can be mentioned on their cards to make them distinct from the non-certified ones. Some of the types of nurses the ID cards are issued to are:

  • Head nurses.
  • Night nurses.
  • Nurses of nursing homes.
  • Nurses of small clinics or private clinics.

Benefits of cards…

Apart from the main function of identification and recognition of a nurse, which is clearly depicted through the name of these types of cards, the other benefits of ID cards include:

  • Through the ID card, a link is created between a nurse and his/her employing organization. One can know in which facility the nurse is working.
  • The basic information, including his/her qualification, is stated on an ID card, which can be read by any relevant person seeking such information.
  • Nursing ID cards also indicate the role, designation, and responsibility of the cardholder.
  • The security clearance for the hospital premises, various labs, ICUs, etc., becomes efficient due to the secured information and the codes incorporated into the ID cards.
  • Rendering the services of getting patient tests, collecting reports, injecting patients, bringing medicines, etc., becomes smooth if the nursing ID cards are used. 
  • Fringe benefits, discounts, or other benefits bestowed on the nurses by their employer can easily be availed and utilized.

Cards for security concerns…

The nursing ID cards, in the past, have the basic information of name, gender, or a picture that was added onto them as well to make the identification easy. However, security concerns have created a need for organizations to be fulfilled. This need is related to the incorporation of secured information so that the individuality of a nurse cannot be stolen, and the creation and use of fake ID cards can become limited.

Use of technology…

The technological advancements, that have made this inclusion of secured information possible, have addressed the new need to a great extent. The embedded codes, thumbprint impressions, magnetic chips, etc., all have made the ID cards secure and their use legal.

Basic information…

After the modification, the nursing ID cards have far more information than what was included previously. Usually, the information on a certified nurse’s ID cards includes:

  • Nurse’s name.
  • Picture.
  • Gender.
  • Address.
  • Qualification, including if certified or not.
  • Employee ID and or registration number.
  • Designation.
  • Information about the employer hospital or healthcare facility.
  • Security or scanning code.
  • Thumbprint.
  • Date of card issuance.
  • The expiry date of the card.

A nurse might have her personal ID card as well as her professional nursing ID card. It is very important for him/her to always have his professional card, especially while working in a healthcare facility. This is because he/she would not be able to use the personal ID card for the hospital processes and the professional cards would be needed for the work.

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