Job Offer Acceptance Letter Reply

The job offer acceptance letter reply is a letter written by a candidate, who has been selected for a job he had previously applied to. It is addressed to the employer of the organization, who has offered the candidate a certain position by giving a job offer letter. This letter is usually written after receiving a job offer letter, and in this letter, the candidate shows his gratitude to the organization for hiring him and informs it about his/her acceptance of the job offer.

Sometimes, this letter is a mandatory document to be sent by the candidate to the employer. On the other hand, many employers may not require it, but the candidate would still send it in as a written job acceptance as well as to show the courtesy and gratefulness.

Usually, the letter:

  • is concise and comprehensive.
  • should be written professionally and formally.
  • need to have a tone that shows gratitude.
  • should clearly state the acceptance of the job as well as the related terms and conditions.

The job offer acceptance letter reply may, sometimes, contains the details of salary and contractual period, or it may simply state the acceptance and show the thankfulness. The variation in the content is dependent on the type of job, type of contract, employing organization and the candidate. However, the general details included in such letters are:

  • Date.
  • Details of the candidate.
  • Details of the employer.
  • Reference to the job and offer.
  • Acceptance of the offer.
  • Reference to the contractual terms & agreement to them.
  • Indicate what you are looking forward to the job, in terms of learning.
  • State that you will contribute to the company.
  • Show gratitude for the opportunity.
  • Ask if any more documentation is required.
  • Salutations and signature.

When an employee receives the job offer letter, he needs to communicate his consent or refusal to the employer. One, because professional attitude requires a response to a job offer, and secondly, if, for example, the candidate does not want to get on board, the employer would know in a timely manner to search for another candidate. Likewise, if he wants to accept, he needs to inform the employer on time as well, so that the employer would not choose another candidate.


As the contract is sometimes signed between the employee and employer after the employee formally joins in, this document, along with the job offer letter, becomes the basis of the employee’s association with the company. After receiving a job offer letter, some candidates deem communicating their consent verbally, e.g. over the phone, enough. However, providing a job acceptance in writing should always be a preferred option, as it can be kept as a record and can be referred to if needed.

Sample Job Offer Acceptance Letter Reply




Dear Ms. Emily,

I feel pleased and grateful to write this letter and accept the great opportunity that you have offered me. I am eager to join this wonderful company XYZ Limited as an ‘assistant sales manager’ and raise my learning curve. I look forward to gaining experience and various skills. I ensure that I will put in the best of my efforts and would try to valuably contribute to this company. I thank you for providing me a chance to prove myself as well as to provide a direction to my career path.

I have read and I agree to all the contractual terms and clauses. I am sending you the signed contract with this letter. As discussed, I will be joining on the 1st of November 2019. Let me know if you need any further documents or information.

Thank you again for the offer and consideration.


James Wilson.

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