Letter to Boss for Non-renewal of Contract

When we start working in a company as an employee, we sign a contract with that company. Companies ask you to sign the contract because they want to protect their rights. This contract has a limited duration. After which, it expires. Companies do provide an option of renewal of the contract to their employees and they also love to renew the agreement with those employees who have performed satisfactorily.

Just as a contract is signed following some formalities and proper channels, the termination is also done in the same way. If you want to not get your contract with the company renewed, you can write a letter to your employer.

What is a contract non-renewal letter to the employer?

This letter is written by an employee to the boss before the termination of the contract. The purpose of this letter is to let the employer know that the employee does not want the renewal of the contract and this letter should be considered as an end-of-service announcement letter.

Why does an employer receive a contract non-renewal letter?

There are many reasons for an employee not wanting the renewal. Some of the common reasons are:

The dissatisfaction of the employee:

When an employee is not happy with the environment, workplace rules, or any other factor, they might want to switch their job and let the contract expire.

When the employee finds a new job:

Sometimes, the employee finds a new job opportunity and waits for the contract to end. When the agreement, he let his boss know that he did not want to continue working in the company.

Migration of the employee:

Sometimes, workers are compelled to end the contract because they can no longer continue it.  For instance, when they are shifting to a new city or state, they will be required to ask the employee to not renew the contract.

The benefit of writing the agreement non-renewal letter:

People often wait for their service contract with the company to end so that they can move forward. This happens because these contracts don’t allow them to leave the company at any cost. This not only protects the rights of the company but also the employment of the employee.

Writing the agreement non-renewal letter is almost the same as resigning from the job. The major difference is that the employee is not bound to give the notice. At the end of the agreement, no party remains in a bond under any terms and conditions. However, the employee can claim clearance of dues.

How to ask the employer to not renew the bond?

If you feel that it sounds a little rude to ask the boss to not renew the contract, you can write the letter very politely and courteously. Follow the instructions given below:

Inform the employer about your decision in the beginning:

As soon as you start this letter, let your boss know that you are not going to renew the contract with the company. Mention your employment number, your designation in the company, and some other details for easy identification. 

Mention the date of expiry:

There, the employee should specify the date on which the bond is going to expire. This will let the employer determine after which date, you will no longer be employed in the company.

Specify the reason:

After reading this letter, your boss might hold a personal meeting with you to know the reason behind your decision. So, you should come up with a reason which is genuine and acceptable. Don’t ever criticize the company just because you think you are leaving. You might need your boss in the future for recommendations. 

Show professional and discuss your pending work:

Even if the contract expires, it is incumbent upon an employee to complete the unfinished work and inform the employer about it so that he can see the professional attitude. If it is expected that the employer will ask you to complete your work first, you can prepare yourself for it beforehand.

Thank the reader:

Say, thank you to the employer for giving you a wonderful opportunity that has added a lot of value to your resume. Make him know that you have enjoyed working under his supervision.

Contract non-renewal letter to employer

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