Contract Non-renewal Letters Written to Employer

Letter -1

Re. Contract Non-Renewal for [X]

Dear Sir, I am [NAME] and I have been working in this company since 20XX on a contract basis concerning contract no. [#] w.r.t ad. No. [#]. According to this contract, I was recruited as an [POST] on a contract of fifteen months which was likely to renew itself without notice if not terminated by notice. I have worked for fifteen months, and this contract comes to expiry on [DATE]. The contract is likely to be renewed without notice, therefore, I notify my termination from the contract before the new session starts.

Sir, I worked as a [POST] for fifteen months and got the chance to learn a lot from my seniors. This working capacity was different from the traditional learning I got previously. Therefore, I would just say that the learning margin in this company was very high. But I am concerned about my career in permanent development as an employee. Moreover, I have had a few opportunities to work as a permanent employee in a few notable organizations that are doing excellent in technology and software.

Therefore, I believe I should terminate the contract concerning point 07 (a) of the contracts according to which an employee has complete authority to terminate the contract after completing one session. As one session completes on [DATE], I request you to follow all the formalities to complete the procedure.

I have enclosed all the required documents for your convenience. I shall be thankful if you respond to me with an acknowledgment by writing. Thank you.

Contract non-renewal letter to employer

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Letter -2

Re. Contract Termination/Non-Renewal

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter concerns my contract on which I was recruited as a [DESIGNATION]. Today, the contract expires and tends to be renewed by itself without notice, therefore, I am writing this letter to notify the end of the contract.

I was recruited as an [X] on a contract basis regarding contract no. [X]. The contract duration was settled into annual renewals. It means to say that the contract shall be renewed by itself if not terminated without notice which means the employee has to continue working under section [x] of this contract without any intrusion or alteration in the contract. Point [x] of bullet [x] states that an employee can terminate the contract at the time of its expiry by providing notice and submitting it to the [POST]’s office.

I have a few job offers from some notable firms and organizations that have just started technology and software management as their counterparts. They require eligible graduates for different positions. They are giving chance to get a permanent job with other benefits that I cannot negate. To pursue the mentioned opportunity, I bid farewell to this contact and pursued my career in permanent career.

Therefore, I have drafted this letter as a notification to end the contract. As I am in full authority to terminate the contract at the time of its expiry [DATE], I believe no approval is needed to terminate the contract.

Therefore, I request you acknowledge the non-renewal of the contract. Getting no response shall be assumed as an acknowledgment too.

I request you to clear all my due remaining till [DATE] so that no hindrance in the termination is left. I am thankful to you for your coordination in previous months in which you provided me with chances to learn a lot and experience software management. I have some other recommendations if you need an eligible candidate for my replacement. Please contact me on [PHONE] or [EMAIL] to get along with the new recruitment. Thank you.

Contract non-renewal letter to employer

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