Proposal to Purchase Land for Boss’s Office

Letter -1

Re. Proposal to Purchase Land for Office Relocation

Dear [NAME], I am [NAME], the [POSITION] from [COMPANY NAME]. Please note that the letter serves as a proposal letter purporting the purchase of the land for the office of my boss. Mr. [NAME YOUR BOSS] who is the CEO of the company wants to relocate his office. For this, I have been given the task to seek suitable commercial areas where the office can be relocated. Therefore, I am writing to you to assist me in this matter and negotiate the idea of purchasing land from your real estate company who has extensive experience in commercial real estate.

Briefly speaking, the company has an extensive business, and it is expanding with every passing day with the hard work of Mr. [NAME] and the tireless efforts of his team. Mr. [NAME] has very suitable choices when it comes to his business. He does not accept anything related to his business with even a half-percent margin of corporate collapse. Viewing his fastidious nature, purchasing land for the relocation of his business seems strenuous for me.

I have prepared a payment plan for your real estate agent to make this purchase swift. Please find the proposed payment plan in appendix-I and review the offer.

The payment plan can be revisited and negotiated on agreeable terms; therefore, your kind and unhesitating response will be appreciated. I believe that the prime location has given you an opportunity to get multiple offers, therefore, I have given the payment a logical margin at your conviction. Please submit your response after reviewing this offer till [DATE]. As the construction of the office is needed to be initiated as soon as possible, therefore, I shall be grateful if you respond at your earliest.

I will be grateful for having your response within the given time. Thank you.


Proposal letter to purchase land for the office of boss

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Letter -2

Re. Proposal to Purchase Land for Office

Dear [NAME],

I am drafting this proposal letter with the hope of getting the best out of it as I have immense faith in the faithful and honest clientage of your real estate agency. I feel proud to state that [NAME THE COMPANY] has been having strong ties since 20XX in assisting each other on various business grounds. On this occasion, we expect similar cooperation and coordination from your agency. To corroborate each other, keeping a beneficial loyalty at both sides of the business plays a key role in keeping business terms last long.

We are seeking some prime locations in commercial areas of [SPECIFY THE AREA] for the construction of a regional office of our [SPECIFY THE DESIGNATION OF BOSS]. Mr. [NAME OF THE BOSS] wants to open a regional office to operate regional affairs separately due to overburdening and multidimensional operational issues in the internal body of head office.

For this, we need an area of [SPECIFY THE AREA OF THE LAND IN SQUARE METERS] preferably in readily available erected constructions. The preferable office specifications have been attached to this letter as templates for your convenience.

We can offer $[X] to make this purchase in installments. Due to conflicts of financial bodies of the company, it is hard for us at this time to pay for the purchase at once, therefore, we prefer to bid on installments. Any changes and negotiations shall be endured deliberately. A clear image of the installments plan has been attached to the letter as Appendix-I and Appendix-II.

For any queries or suggestions, please write to us at [EMAIL] or call our landline [PHONE] from 13:00 to 16:00. Thank you.


Proposal letter to purchase land for the office of boss

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