Leave Messages to Boss for Exam


This message is to inform you that my last semester examinations are commencing from 12th December and I must appear. It will be your favor if you grant me leave permission from 8th December 20XX to 24h December 20XX. In this way, I will have enough time for preparation, and I can give my exams easily. Therefore, I request you to sanction me leave for three days. I hope that my plea will be accepted. I will forever be obliged to you.


With due respect, it is humbly stated that I am working on a contract basis as a finance assistant in XYZ Organization and from day 1st I have tried my level best to execute my duties honestly. I am also pursuing a graduate degree in Accounting from XYZ University in the evening hours. I have chosen the course that is suitable for my job’s field. I have also been given NOC from HR for the purpose of the study.

My exams are going to be started on 22nd November and I need at least twenty days to leave to appear in exams. Therefore, I request you to sanction my leave application for the above-mentioned period starting from 17th November. I will never forget this favor.


Dear Sir, I am Anne Sew, working as finance secretary in XYZ Enterprises for the past three years. I have always tried my level best to do the best for the organization. Last year, I had applied for graduation from XYZ University Manchester to have a profound knowledge of my favorite subject which is also related to my job. I have exams that are starting on the 23rd of this month and I did not find time to prepare for my exams due to a tough office schedule. Therefore, I need two weeks’ leave prior to exams so may I find enough time for preparation.

Kindly grant me to leave in this regard. I promise that once my exams are finished I shall be back in the office with the same old passion and eagerness and I will try to compensate for my work by working extra hours. I will be beholden to you for considering my request.


Dear Sir, hope you find this message in good health. This message is being written to bring in your knowledge that from 3rd August there are my last semester exams and I had informed you earlier that along with this job I have continued my studies side by side. I am pursuing this degree to get a promotion.

I can never forget this act of kindness if you allow me to leave from 25th July 20XX to 13th August 20XX, hence I will be able to prepare easily and give my exams full preparation. Looking forward to having a positive response from you!


It is stated with due respect that I am Alex Klein and have been working on the post of a communication manager in XYZ Organization for the past five years. I had brought in the kind notice of management that I have enrolled my name in ABC University for post-graduation and in this regard, my 2nd-semester exams are commencing from 3rd August.

I request you to grant me leave for 15 days starting from 1st August to 15th August. I am hopeful that my request will be given kind consideration. Thanking you in anticipation.


With due reverence, it is to state that for the past eight years I have been providing my services to ABC Enterprises as fiancé manager. I am writing this message to let you know that I have enrolled myself in a graduation program from Oxford University. Yesterday, I have been given my exams date sheet and my exams are commencing from 15th September and will end on 19th September. I need at least seven days’ leave before exams so may I revise the entire syllabus during these days.

Kindly grant me leave permission for two weeks. It would be impossible for me to attend office during these days, and I hope that you will cater to my request.


Hello Sir, Hope this message finds you well. I am writing this message to bring to your notice that I have taken admission as a private candidate in Masters. From 12th September my exams are starting and due to finding no proper time for preparation, I could not revise the entire syllabus. Therefore, I need three weeks’ leave so may I have full preparation for the exams. I shall be thankful for giving me this favor. Thanking in anticipation.  

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