Tender Proposal Template for Word

I am writing this letter to seek your approval for switching departments within the company. I have been an integral part of the company for 7 years and have been serving in the capacity of a manager leading a team of 5 individuals.

We strive to provide excellence in every project to contribute fairly to the company’s progress. After graduation, I joined this company as an intern, but I didn’t leave even when my time was over. I continued working hard and secured a position in the following department as an assistant.

Later, because of my determination and passion, I was promoted to the rank of manager and got a team of my own. The administration of the company helped in seeking the completion of a few courses to improve my resume and I will forever be grateful for the kind gesture.

I have never been stagnant for too long and even in my career, I consider options every now and then to enhance my experience. I am on a new venture now, which is the interior design department of the company.

I have observed every move closely and know about vacancies in the department. They are involved in making tender proposals for recruiting clients and are very successful at what they do.

I want to be a part of that department because I am aware that I am fully equipped for it and will never disappoint. Kindly consider my request and provide insight into the tender proposal I made for an upcoming project.


Eric Dane
Manager at XYZ
Contact 244 466-9294

Tender proposal cover letter

Cover Letter
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The Proposal


Multinational companies, offices, charities, or the public sector are often in need of goods, services, or products. They function by publicizing offers to related businesses for presenting their proposals or projects related to the offer. This process is known as invitation to tender.

On this call, relevant businesses will respond by managing tender proposals for the offered project and presenting them to potential clients. This tender proposal will be their key to gaining access to the project or making it to the approved supplier list of the clients. The company which put forward the offer will review the document submitted by all the related businesses and choose the business that is most suitable for delivering the project.

Most public sectors conduct a transparent, reliable approach for choosing the tender proposals otherwise, private companies are always looking for the most economically efficient proposal which can deliver in time, price, and quality. The only way to know for them is through reviewing the tender proposal.

Therefore, it is important to be extra cautious while preparing tender proposals. Based on requirements, companies receive various tenders that can assure that they are the best contractors to be hired and would never disappoint. Thus, it is crucial to managing a proposal that stands out among others and can and have the guts to win the war.

Presenting a very low-budgeted tender to win the project is not a good approach as companies are aware of contractors bidding low to win. The efficient process is to include every aspect of the project along with its cost for preparing tender proposals so that clients have an idea about all the details.


Tender proposals are very crucial documents as they decide the fate of a project and can turn an easy job into no job at all therefore, the following tips should be followed before assembling a tender proposal,

  • Make sure you fully understand the requirements of the company before starting on the proposal
  • Plan ahead about how to write the proposal and who would write which part of it and who will proofread
  • Decide the plan of the tender ahead of writing and discuss it with the team
  • Make sure you do not write same tasks over and over again
  • Do not mention too low prices of machinery or labour to earn the project as the company also understand these tactics
  • Make sure a certified reviewer reviews the document and give comments.  Reviewer should be present during discussions, planning and writing the proposal to save time
  • Make sure to include a great them that is eye-catching because tender proposals can also be sold on a single theme

Action Plan

I along with the help of the team formulated a tender proposal for the invitation to tender by a multinational company. The project requires interior designers to sort out an outdated house and give it a modern touch with accessories. The plan is as follows,

  • After the careful look out of the house and listening to the requirements of the company, house requires complete 180⁰ change in interior
  • Floor of the house has completely outdated tiles and need a replacement with textured tiles in every corner of the house
  • Paint on walls is flaky and require the recent touch of more vibrancy in colours
  • Furniture would be completely new as the existing furniture is not worthy of use anymore
  • Lounge wall needs a peaceful wallpaper to give rest to the eyes
  • Hallway will be perfectly adorned with crystal chandelier hanging from the roof
  • All the roofs of rooms, lounge and hallway need an upgrade in terms of adding patterns and textures
  • Spiral staircase of wood will perfectly fit in the new view
  • No carpets will be added anywhere in the house as they make it messy
  • Kids room will be beautified with solar panel wallpaper on roof
  • Master bedroom is very large with a no closet so a walk-in closet will be installed to fill up the space
  • L-shape sofa will be the perfect arrangement in lounge with bean bags for extra guests


The significance of tender proposals can be highlighted from the following points,

  • It allows the company to evaluate various them and choose the most suitable theme
  • Provide them options in budget from different service providers and they can be chosen based on the flexibility of your own pocket
Tender proposal template for Word

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