Relocation Letter for College

For a well-established institute, it is not an easy step to move the entire business to a new position. However, in many situations, it becomes crucial to take this decision. So, there is a need to write this letter and let the recipient know about the new location of the college.

What is a relocation letter for college?

The college relocation letter is written in the situation when a college relocates to a new location. The purpose of this letter is to inform the recipient of the relocation and the new address.

Why write a college transfer letter?

If you are running a college, you might be aware of how important it is for everyone to know the location. So, writing about it enables them to reach the college easily. Some people also write this letter because they want to solicit suggestions as to where the college should be relocated. They directly ask for recommendations, or their decision of transfer lets people do this favor.

Step by step guide for college location transfer letter:

A step-by-step guide is being provided below to help you write a letter in such a way that you can convey the required information in the best possible way:

Use the letterhead of the college:

Letting the parents and other clients know about the relocation requires you to make them believe that this information is coming from a legitimate source. Due to this, you are expected to use a letterhead of the college on which the logo and other details of the college are imprinted.

Follow the format:

Since you are writing a letter in a professional setting, you cannot just write a letter that lacks an appropriate format. Follow a format that any person writing a crucial letter to parents of the students on behalf of the college is supposed to be writing. Start with the date and the current address of the college on the top of the letter and then address the recipient.

Give introduction:

As soon as you start the letter, give some introductory details of the college. Try to discuss those aspects of your college you take pride in. For instance, mention that you are happy to let everyone know that the college has completed 100 years of success or you can mention the college’s contribution to serving a particular community for many years.

Announce the relocation:

After you have briefly introduced the college and its services to parents, come to the main point and announce the relocation of the college. You can state here that this decision has been taken after many days of analysis and meetings with experts. You can also mention the names of the people who suggested the relocation.

Give reason:

A college has many reasons to relocate. In this letter, you can provide the reason for this decision. Some institutes move to some other locations because of more growth chances. In case you want to solicit some suggestions from a reader also, organize a meeting with them and share a venue and time with them in the same part of the letter.

 Write the end of the letter appropriately:

This part of the letter completely depends on the situation in which you have decided to relocate. For instance, if you have just embarked upon the process of finding a new location, you can people to provide you with some suggestions as to where the college should be shifted. Mention your requirements about the new location. In the end, thank the reader and close the letter.

Writing tips:

  1. The letter of college relocation should be short and brief and it should only convey the right information which is necessary to be conveyed.
  2. Don’t forget to discuss the contributions of the college to the society.
  3. Don’t give negative comments about the old location of the college. Rather, you can say that the old structure will be missed.
  4.  Appreciate all those people who have remained connected with the college directly and indirectly and wish for the college to prosper.
  5. Let the reader know that the top priority of the college is to give quality education and build the character of students.

Sample Letter


Dear Parent,

Our college (state name here) has been functioning for (state years) now. We are proud of the students who have graduated from here and are excited for new incoming ones as well. We look forward to an amazing start for our college where we hope to grow and continue to give students a strong foundation.

The (state college name) Board is aiming to relocate the college after carrying out extensive analysis. The recommendation has been considered in several meetings.

Our community wants to develop a fresh and new location for our college. We hope that our decision will not cause any inconvenience to anyone.

Yours Sincerely,

(Your Name)


Relocation letter for college

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