Letter Announcing Relocation of a College/institute


Re. Relocating [name] College from [location-I] to [location-II]

Dear Students, this letter has been written to inform all of you that the college is relocating into its new building on [date]. All of you are required to come to the college at [location] from [date]. Your teachers will communicate necessary information and share all the details with you during your classes before [date]. Form [date], all the classes shall conduct in the new location [location].

The relocation has been caused by certain policy imperatives of the local government. Therefore, the college administration must execute the relocation within a given time. Students and employees from far-flung areas shall be accommodated and compensated in one way or other.

With the growing number of students, we can’t keep administering the college and conducting class for all the departments in the same building, therefore, we have to shift from old or current location to the new location. We have instructed all the teachers, supervisors, professors, and management members to guide the students to the new location.

Moreover, we have updated the location on our Facebook page, Instagram account, and official website of the school. We have put a Googles Map link in the description of every update and post. We have added an update on the official website named ‘college relocation’. A student can visit the official website to understand the location and get an estimate for the change in distance.

As the new location is [X] miles away from the current building, therefore, we shall support our students accordingly the students coming from [X] miles away will be provided with a transport free of cost for one year. After one year, a transport fund shall be charged monthly.

In case of further, please contact college administration at [email] or [phone]. You can also visit the admin’s office for any queries. You are required to register for the transport if you live X miles away from the relocated building before [date].

Please be at the relocated building for college from [date]. The current building shall be closed, and no student will be allowed to enter the premises after [date]. Thanks for your cooperation.


Letter Announcing Relocation of a College or institute

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Re. College Relocation Notice

Dear Parents,

This letter aims to notify a change in the address of the [name] college. The new address of the college is [complete address]. This arduous move has been caused by the change in the federal and state government’s policies regarding locations of public sector schools, colleges, and universities. This policy change has compelled us to move to another location.

We understand the amount of trouble and inconvenience it can cause you, but we are in no position to challenge the policies of the government being a public sector college.

The government’s policy of removing all the colleges and universities from dense residential areas has caused a big controversy all over the city and state. Multiple relocations have been witnessed in the past few weeks. We are moving our college to the [new address] where students are required to attend their classes from [date]. On [date], the college shall remain closed to provide the students a chance to visit the college’s relocated building.

Such relocation might disturb the commute of the students, therefore, after taking notice of this, have given college’s transport service in the city. This transit is called a shuttle service that will be run through the city from 07:00 to 18:00. 

If you have any queries, please email us at [email] or call us at [phone]. For your convenience, our representative shall be available to attend you from 07:00 to 20:00. We have updated our new location; thus, you can follow the given link and check out our new location on Google Maps. Thanks.


College Management

Letter Announcing Relocation of a College or institute

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