Proposal Letter for Residential Interior Design

What is a residential interior design proposal?

This proposal is a business offer in which you sell your interior designing services to people looking for some interior designers for the house.

Who writes the residential interior design proposal?

If you are a designer who is specialized in interior designing work or you are someone who is running a firm providing designing services to clients, you should write this proposal whenever you want to get a new project to work on.

What information should this proposal cover?

A basic and professional looking proposal includes the following sections:

  1. The complete profile of the person or the firm specialized in providing designing services to the inner part of the house
  2.  Types of services that designers provide
  3. Demonstration of the previous work
  4. Description of the project in a summarised way
  5. Pricing details

How to write a proposal as an interior designer?

Writing a proposal requires the designer to represent himself as someone who can make his work stand out. The interior designer is required to make his clients believe in him. For this purpose, a proposal can be used as a tool. Follow the tips given below to write a productive and impactful proposal:

Make a captivating title page:

Since you are a designer, everyone expects you to come up with designs and a good aesthetic taste to reflect when it comes to you working on any part of the proposal. It might be your favorite job to tone up the title page of a proposal that can turn into something you can take pride in. While you create the title page, make sure that its design is coherent with the design of the rest of the proposal. Since the title is the first page to be seen, you cannot overlook it. 

Describe who you are:

The first part of the proposal is always about the person or the firm writing the proposal. This is where the writer tries to form an image. As an interior designer, this part of the proposal is the most important because it reflects the personality of the designer.

Here the designer lets the client know that he understands the importance of designing the residential property and he wants to help the house owner in dealing with this challenge.

Give a brief description of services:

The client might be aware of the services that you can provide as a designer of the inside of a house. You should still make a list of services you provide and then briefly describe them because some of the services might surprise the client.

For instance, if you provide an additional service of installation of the electric system, you can show your client that you are a better option to consider as compared to others as they don’t provide this service. Even if you don’t provide any additional service, how you describe your services can make a significant difference. 

Showcase your work:

Most of the time, clients want to work with a designer who has experience working in the same area of interior designing. Of course, they don’t want to ruin the interior of their house by choosing someone who has never worked on a similar project before.

If someone claims to have expertise in the area of the interior designing of residential property, they will be required to make the client take a look at some of their past interior design projects. In addition to it, they can also share their views or comments of their previous clients, if possible. 

Give the timeline:

A timeline lets the client know that how much time you will take in completing a particular task. Sometimes it client wants the interior of the house to be designed in less possible time. Due to this, they consider those proposals that have a suitable timeline. If you are writing a solicited proposal, you must read the request for proposal and determine if the timing is the issue. Then you can design the timeline well.

Mention your quote:

Some people have the issue of having a limited budget. Therefore, the first thing they want to know is the price you will charge for designing the inside of their house.

Sample Letter

Proposal Letter for Residential Interior Design

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