Letter to Employee for Why not Coming to Work

Employees sign an employment contract with their bosses according to which, they are required to come to the workplace daily and if they need to take one or more days off, they will be required to take a leave from the office. There are some unusual circumstances when the employee does not inform the employer about his absentee and does not show up. When this happens, the employer writes a letter to his work and asks him to provide the reason for not coming to the office.  

What is a letter to the employee who is not coming to work?

This letter is considered a formal business letter being written by the supervisor to one of the employees who has been on uninformed leave. In this letter, the employee is asked to write an explanation of why he is not coming to the office. In some cases, the employer shows concern and wants to know how the employee is doing.

Why write a letter to an employee not coming on duty?

The employer writes this letter to his employee in lots of situations. A few of them are being discussed below:

  • When the employee remains absent from work without informing and his manager wants to take strict disciplinary action against him by sending him a warning to come back to work or the company will hire someone else to replace him
  • When the employee has a good record and he has never remained absent from work before without informing anyone, the employer can raise concern and wants to know if everything is fine on his side
  • Sometimes the employer needs an explanation from the employee who is not at work for a few days.
  • If the company is in dire need to have someone in the position of the employee who has not been coming to work for a few days, it can inform the employee about the inconvenience so that the employee can understand that he would be replaced soon if he didn’t show up.

The employee works in a specific position in the company and when he doesn’t come to work, the company and its clients and customers face inconvenience. In this situation, the company wants to know if the employee intends to come back to work.

Things to remember while writing the letter to an employee who is absent for many days:

Inform the employee about his unsatisfactory behavior:

The employee should know that his nonprofessional behavior is not acceptable by the company. So, the manager should show dissatisfaction with the performance of the employee. The worker who is not regular at work can never satisfy his employer and this is what the employee needs to know.

Specify the dates of absentees:

You don’t need to write this letter if the employee takes one day off from work. However, if the employee has been on leave for many days, you can specify those dates and then specify that his absentees are drawing concern for the company.

Ask the employee to provide the reason:

Here the employee should be formally asked to provide the reason or explanations for his absence from work.

Asking for a reason is important information because it lets the employer know if the employee has a genuine reason to not come to work and not even inform anyone. If the reason makes sense, the employee can be given some space. However, if the reason turns out to be ridiculous, the company can take disciplinary actions against the employee such as sending a warning or dismissing him from his job for a few weeks.

Mention the policies of the company regarding absenteeism:

Although the employee knows the policies of the company regarding leave, they can be brought up again to emphasize them. The let the employee know that how many uninformed leaves an employee can take and under what circumstances. In addition to it, he should also be informed about the decision of the company regarding his salary deduction.

Use the nice tone:

You don’t need to be angry just because the employee is absent from work. Firstly, know the reason for his absence and then react to it.

Sample letter:


Name of the employee,
Company’s name

Dear Mr. ABC,

It has been brought to my attention that you were absent from work from 13th November to 16th November without giving any prior notice or seeking prior permission to go on leave. You have also not informed the company as to why you remained absent for consecutive three days and did not inform anyone.

The company has no policy to tolerate or appreciate the workers who show non-professional behavior. You are required to provide the reason as o why you were absent and make sure that you inform me first before you go on leave next time.


Name of the employer,


Letter to employee for why not coming to work

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