Letter to Express Concern about Team Member

If you notice that one of your team members is having performance issues, you should not wait until it turns into something serious. If you handle problems regarding anyone’s performance in time, you will prevent many offenses, dismissals, and other penalties. Therefore, writing a letter of concern will help you deal with such situations.

What is a letter to express concern for a team member?

When you find out that one of your team members needs to improve their performance, you can write them a letter of concern. By writing this letter, you let the team member know that you are expecting them to behave in the way they are supposed to be behaving.

It is important to keep in mind that only those people can write letters of concern who have the authority to do that. If you are heading your team, are you are the manager of your team and your job is to monitor the performance of every team member, you must write a letter of concern to handle the unsatisfactory work performance.

In the letter of concern, most of the employers warn the team members. However, this warning is different from the verbal warning.

Why is it important to write a letter of concern?

It is very important for employers to monitor the performance of their workers and then raise their concerns when they are not satisfied with their work. Raising the concern is important because it lets the employee know that his performance is being monitored and he can’t evade his responsibility. As a result, he will improve his performance.

Who sends this letter?

Anyone who is in the position to reprimand people upon not behaving satisfactorily at the workplace can write a letter of concern. Usually, companies’ managers, project owners and supervisors, team heads, and other stakeholders can write a letter of concern.

When it is important to write a letter of concern?

There are lots of situations when an employer is compelled to write a letter of concern to his team members. For instance

  • When the team member comes to work late or submits the work late
  • When the team member misses the deadlines and slows down the entire process.
  • When the team member doesn’t communicate with the manager

How to write a letter of concern for a team member?

While writing a letter of concern for one of your team members, keep in mind, the following key points:

Highlight the nature of the letter:

As told above, the letter of concern mostly includes the warning. However, the purpose of this letter is not to warn the employee. When an employee receives the letter of concern, he feels as if he has been warned.

Therefore, when you start the letter, you should let the employee know that it is not a warning being issued to him. Rather, it is a precursor of the warning. After knowing that, the employee can easily realize that he will receive the warning and eventually a dismissal from his job if he doesn’t improve his performance.

Give the purpose of this letter:

Since you have already mentioned the title of the letter in the subject of the letter, the employee must have got an idea about the purpose. However, you should make it clear as to why you are writing. Let the team member know that his performance in the team has become a major matter of concern for every team member.

Discuss the performance of the team member:

You have already told your team member that you are not satisfied with your work performance. Now you can discuss his performance in detail. Let him know that every person in the team is required to work in coordination and due to the poor performance of one person, the quality of the entire project gets disturbed.

Mention the consequences:

The recipient of the letter should know that if he doesn’t improve his performance or does not take this letter of concern seriously, he will end up getting a formal warning from the employee. This warning should be considered as a disciplinary action the company takes against the team member to show them the seriousness of the matter.

Sample letter:



Name of the employee:
Company’s name:

Dear Mr. ABC,

It has been brought to my attention that the company is having a problem with your conduct. I have received complaints from various people which I have made be concerned about your conduct. As a sales manager, you are required to meet the expectations of people and talk to everyone politely. You must understand that misconduct in any form troubles everyone at work.


I hope that you will understand this and work on your behavior and performance. Feel free to contact me if you have queries.

Name of the sender,


Letter to Express Concern about Team Member

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