Loss of Pay Letter to HR

Salaries of the employees are handled by the human resource department that is run by human beings. Humans are entitled to mistakes and therefore, there is a possibility of a mistake in the salary calculation of any employee. Employees are allowed to come forward and report the error so that corrections can be made. Due to this, a loss of pay letter is written.

What is a loss of pay letter?

The loss of pay letter is generally considered as a complaint letter by the employee written to the employer or HR to let him know that the employee has received less salary than what he was supposed to receive after proper negotiation. In other words, this letter reports discrepancies in the salary.

Why right a loss of pay letter to HR?

Employees work for the whole month for a company and they have a right to receive the complete salary of the full month. If they find that the salary has not been credited to their account fairly, they can complain. They can write a letter to HR to let him know about the unfair deduction from their salary. Even if a percentage amount has been deducted from his salary based on some solid reasons, it is not a fair way to do it without informing the employee about it. Therefore, the employee should know his rights and lodge the complaint as soon as he comes to know about the deduction.

Common mistakes to avoid:

Some people fail to write a letter correctly because they make the following mistakes:

They don’t share details correctly:

Employees don’t know how to report the loss of pay. Due to this, they don’t add all the required details to the letter. They miss adding important information that makes it difficult for HR to spot the error.

They use inappropriate tones:

HR knows that the wrong salary deduction causes inconvenience to you. So, you don’t need to show anger in the letter. Even if you are annoyed, you cannot use an inappropriate tone in the letter.

They write a lengthy letter:

Some employees forget the fact that the professional letters are brief and to the point. They add long stories in the letter just to explain their problem. Some employees also feel that they will not be able to prove themselves right and therefore, they must reemphasize everything and as a result, write a long letter.

What is the benefit of writing a salary deduction letter?

Unwanted and unfair salary deduction disturbs everyone’s budget and financial plans. Therefore, one should learn to report the salary deduction efficiently. The letter written to HR benefits the employee as he can recover the lost pay.

How to write a letter to report the loss of pay?

Read the guidelines given below for writing a professional looing letter:

Add the date and your details:

At the top of the letter, the employee should include the date of writing the loss of pay letter. After that, the employee should provide his contact details, the department in which he works, his designation in the company, and some other details useful for HR.

Add the subject:

The subject of the letter reflects the content of the letter. The reader can get an idea about the issue raised in the letter and he is likely to not ignore the letter.

Start with the issue:

Right after starting the letter, you should start discussing the problem with the salary you have faced. If there was an unfair deduction in the salary, you can discuss it in the letter by letting the reader know about the total number of days you were on leave with evidence. In addition to it, if you have found any other kind of discrepancy in the letter, you must not forget to bring it up in the letter.

Discuss it has caused you inconvenience:

Your salary is the right that you get after working hard for someone. You don’t need to let anyone feel that you are okay with this kind of negligence on part of the company while calculating your pay. So, discuss how receiving less salary has caused you trouble so that HR realizes the mistake.

Sample letter:



Name of the employer,
Company’s name,

Subject: loss of pay letter

Respected Madam/Sir,

This letter is being written to inform you that there has been a discrepancy in the salary of October that I received on 8th November. I have seen that my salary slip is showing a different salary amount than the salary of previous months. I have faced serious inconvenience because of not receiving full salary.

I would like to request you to pay full attention to this matter. Please take action and send the right amount of salary to my account.

I am looking forward to your kind reply.

Thank you


Name of the employee,


Loss of pay letter to HR

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