Letter to Confirm Acceptance of the Tender Award

What is a confirmation letter of acceptance of a tender award?

When a candidate or a business is ready to accept the tender offer, it has to write a confirmation letter of acceptance of the tender award. Generally, this letter is written in response to the tender offer letter in which the company asks the candidate to make a bid and prepare a proposal for the project they want the recipient to work on.

It is important to note that the person who has been sent the notification or request to accept the tender award or offer is under no obligation to accept it. However, when he learns that the offer is attractive, he can accept it and the acceptance should also be brought into writing by writing the confirmation of acceptance letter.

When to write the acceptance confirmation letter?

People often write the acceptance letter when they want the recipient to know about their willingness to bid for a project. This letter is always written in response to the information letter that a business writes in which a formal request is made to the potential bidder to bid for the project. Specific time duration is given to the potential bidder in which he has to decide whether to accept the offer or not. If a timely decision is not made, the offer expires. 

Why conform to your acceptance?

In the business world, written communication in any form has a lot of significance. So, whenever an offer is made or whenever an offer is accepted, written communication in the form of email or a letter is essential. When people bring their decision in writing, they take that decision seriously because they know how important it is for their reputation and credibility to meet the commitment. So, when you accept to be a bidder, make sure you confirm your decision by writing a letter.

How to write the confirmation of the acceptance?

Read the tips given below and see how you can professionally accept an offer:

Think about it:

It has been told earlier that you don’t need to accept the offer. Even if you want to accept it and inform about your decision, make sure that you have pondered over it a lot and you know what it takes to accept the offer and confirm.

Show gratitude:

The project owner has decided to work with you and sent you a tender reward when he has many other applications lined up. So, you should be thankful to him and start the letter by showing gratitude to him.

Communicate your acceptance:

The purpose of the letter is to inform the project manager about your willingness to work on the project he has initiated. Tell the reader in clear words that you have accepted the tender award wholeheartedly. Remember to not use “if” and “but” while accepting the offer.

Negotiate the terms of the tender reward:

You must have read the tender reward carefully before deciding to accept it. So, you can negotiate if you don’t like a few terms of the tender reward. Remember that negotiation is not necessary. Do only if it is required.

Mention the date of commencement of work:

After you have accepted the offer, you should tell the reader when and how you will be available to start working on the project. In addition to it, you can also make a bid in the letter to speed up the process.

Show your commitment to your work:

Of course, you are not accepting the tender reward without having any information about it. So, you must discuss the project and inform the manager that you and your team are geared towards making it successful. Discuss how you found that project to be feasible for the community and what difference you will try to bring to the industry by executing that project. The purpose of the certificate should be to inspire the reader with your ideas and passion so that he never regrets choosing you to make a bid.

Appreciate the recipient:

At the end of the letter, once again appreciate the organization that has sent the tender reward for choosing you as a bidder.

Sample letter:



Name of the contractor,

Subject: tender award acceptance confirmation

Dear Contractor,

We are glad to let you know that your tender has been accepted on 14th November 20XX. It has been accepted as per the policy of the company.

According to the terms and conditions of working with our company, you must submit the performance guarantee of (mention the amount). This guarantee will be valid for one year.

The necessary process of initiating the project work will be started right after receiving the performance guarantee from your side.

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Letter to Confirm Acceptance of the Tender Award

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