Letter of Introduction for a Project

Re. Introduction to the Project [name the project]; a Breakthrough in the Research and Writing

Dear [name], this letter has been penned down to serve as an introduction to project no. [123]. I am writing to introduce the project precisely yet in detail to create a logical understanding and rationale for the submission of the full-length proposal and project cost sheet. The introduction shall help in maintaining an assumption about the cost of the project and other expenses the company is up to bear. Moreover, this introduction shall create a comprehension of the program and the reason for its requirement.

The project has been initiated by Mr./Ms. [name] who has been working in the company as a [name the position]. She deems the research and writing methods as an important tool for all the research associates including senior, junior, and intern employees. She has been part of the technical and business writing hub in the Researchers for Business (RFB) community. She is of the view that this project has the potential to alter the company’s content generated on the website and the research methods.

A change in research methods shall change the procurement and bidding methods in the company which will ultimately help in gaining doubled results and profit.

The project is about training all the research associates and content managers of the company. It is important for the content managers to get this training as it shall polish their skills and writing methods by building confidence to introduce new turns in the writing.

Research associates shall be equipped with definite and better research methods and tactics. For the company, it is greatly important to have a great command of research and make the research vast and tactful.

The training shall be given by the international instructors from [name the organization] at [city, country]. The company shall bear the expense for accommodation, three times food, travel expenses, and other official measures expenses for the employees sent for training.

It will also give them better exposure to the field of research and writing. As the project is comprehensive, it includes both writing content and research methods in its training sessions.

The training shall be three weeks long and commence on [date]. For the commencement, the employees shall fly from [country] to [country] and reach their accommodation one day before the commencement.

The training project has vast scope in the forte of writing and research. Companies are investing large amounts in the training and skill enhancement program for their employees which ultimately benefits the company.

Please call me at [phone number] or send me an email at [email address] if you do not understand any point of the project. For more details, I will send you the complete project proposal, when asked, for approval. Thank you for reviewing the introduction of the project. Please, add anything that you think is important for this training project. Please let us know your feedback at the given email address.


Best Regards


Letter of Introduction for a Project

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