Church of Christ Dis-fellowship Letter

Re. Dis-Fellowship Letter

To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am no more part of Christianity. I have been devoid of my Christian beliefs for many days but now, I want to officially announce my detachment from the religion. It is clear that I am not converting to any other religion. My decision to detach is solely based on my personal opinions and it has nothing to do with any of the societal factors.

I am currently working in a private firm as a [job title]. I am studying Religious Psychology and Religious Diversity in the World in research policy sciences. I always found it hard to believe in Jesus and his beliefs. I do believe in the courteousness and peace he preached but I am unable to practice the religious rites and customs of Christianity. 

I have always been interested in studying religion and believe in religious differences and diversity. I do not support objectivity and the oneness of truth in the matter of culture and religion. I don’t find any one culture or religion absolute and true. Therefore, I am no more practicing Christianity as an absolute religion because according to my opinion, practicing creates belief in objectivity which I do not pursue.

According to the Fundamental Laws section of [mention the specific legal book and legal section], I am in sole authority to dis-fellow any of the religions I want. According to the country’s law, I am independent in my decision to convert my religion or dis-fellow any practicing religion.

Therefore, I request you change my religious status from Christianity to X on my ID card at your earliest. After getting my application approved and changing my status on my ID, I will be able to change my status on my domicile, citizen certificate, and passport. I request you let me know if there are any other formal requirements. Thank you.


[Address & Country Code]
[ID no.]
[City, State, Country]

Church of Christ Dis-fellowship Letter

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Re. For the Approval of the Dis-fellowship Letter.

Dear Mr./Ms.

This is [name of the person], a resident of [complete address]. I am [x] years old girl and belong to an Anglican family who believe in Jesus and all the practice that comes along. I am very sensitive regarding religion and cultural practices that prevail in society and are backed by religion. I find that religious practices exploit us in different ways.

Due to many other reasons that I don’t want to mention here, I hereby state that I do not want to practice Christianity anymore. I tried to discuss this with the pope and other Anglican clerics. After discussion, I concluded that I cannot remain on the religion anymore.

I hereby state that there is no external pressure, and the decision is totally independent and my own. Therefore, I request you to approve this letter of dis-fellowship and officially acknowledge me as a non-Christian person. I am not converting to any other religion. I wish to stay out of the religious sphere and faction of practices.

Please let me know if I need to provide any more details for approval. I will be grateful if you do this at your earliest. Thank you!


[ID no.]


Reference: Attached.

Appendices: copies of ID card, certificate, citizenship, and other documents.

Church of Christ Dis-fellowship Letter

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