Letter of Concern for Unprofessional Behavior of Manager

A letter of concern is written when there is an issue in the company due to a person or a team. This letter is written to communicate all those problems that have been seen in the company and draw concern.

What is a letter of concern for the unprofessional behavior of a manager?

It is a professional letter that employers write when they see that the manager in the company is not acting as per the company policies. A manager has so many people working under his managerial role. So, when he acts unprofessionally, a lot of people get affected.

What is the purpose of writing the letter of concern?

In an organization, every person has a specific role to play. Therefore, professional behavior is expected from everyone. The employer oversees the managers’ performance while managers oversee the people working under them. Sometimes, the mismanagement or some other type of issue clearly shows the unprofessional behavior of the managers behind all the problems. The employer should write a letter of concern to make the employee more attentive toward his performance.

Sometimes, the employee is unaware of the poor behavior unless he is made attentive and vigilant of how he is behaving. This is one of the primary reasons a letter of concern is written.

 What are the main elements of the letter of concern?

For any employer, everyone working in the company must be aware of the codes of conduct. Despite being aware, some people demonstrate unprofessional behavior and therefore compel the employer to write them a letter. This letter needs to be very professional and it should cover every important aspect. Here are the main elements of this letter:

A statement to show concern:

In the very beginning, the employer should show concern about the unprofessional performance or behavior of the manager. The employer should let the manager know that this letter is being written to bring this problem to his attention.

Description of unprofessional behavior:

In some cases, the manager does not know how he has behaved. Therefore, the employer should describe how the attitude was not good and the inconvenience it has caused. This part of the letter can also include an example of a situation in which the manager’s attitude was too bad. Here the manager should also be told that this behavior is not acceptable by the company.

Ask the manager to correct the behavior:

Request the manager to correct his behavior and pay attention to his tantrums since you are not writing this letter to reprimand someone or issue a warning. Drawing the attention of the manager towards his poor attitude is the sole purpose of this letter that should be fulfilled.

Use positive words and close the letter:

When you are sending the letter, use positive words and tone. This can be done by demonstrating positive expectations from the manager.

Here is a sample letter to enable you to better understand how to communicate your concerns through letters:

Sample letter:

Subject: Letter of concern on the behavior of Ms. Ifra Gull over [XYZ]

Dear [Mention the name of the manager],

I am writing this letter to show my concern over the unprofessional behavior that you have shown at the workplace. I was not expecting this type of attitude from your side.

I have received many complaints from your employees that you are very rude to them. Last week, I also witnessed the same thing. As an employee, it is my responsibility to tell you where you are not right.

Due to your dismissive behavior, there is a big communication gap between you and your workers which subsequently impacted the company’s workflow.

Therefore, I urge you to pay attention to your attitude and bring some changes to your behavior as it is important to make sure that you are an easygoing person and people find it easy to discuss their matters with you.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.


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Letter of Concern for Unprofessional Behavior of Manager

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