Letter of Concern for Management Behavior with Staff

In an organization, everyone is supposed to behave in a professional way. The attitude of people with which they perform their responsibilities and treat other people matters a lot. The management in some companies has a very bad attitude towards their employees since they are working under them and the management takes advantage of them.

What is a letter of concern for the behavior of management with the staff?

It is a business letter that an employer writes to the manager of the company to bring it to their notice that its behavior with the staff is being noticed. Through this letter, the employer lets the reader know that the bad behavior is problematic for him and this should not be repeated.

When to write it?

A letter of concern usually shows that the employer has become thoughtful when the management is managing everything because those who poorly treat the staff can never make it work with more productivity and this often results in anger and resentment in the staff for the management. When the employer notices such behavior and has seen that this happens quite often and he should voice it, a letter of concern is written.

Some people also write letters of concern when they receive repeated complaints about the poor behavior of the management and the employer has seen it too after looking into the issue raised by the complaints they have received.

 What is the objective of an employer to write a letter of concern?

There are numerous objectives behind writing a letter of concern. Some of which are:

  1. In order to make the management a little bit thoughtful so that it can think over its behavior that has caused the employer to write a letter of concern.
  2. It lets the management know that although it has the authority to tell people what to do, every staff member in the company is a respectable part of the company. 
  3. The letter of concern makes people in the management conscious as they know that their performance is being monitored.

Tips for writing

When you write a letter of concern, you actually try to make sure that you communicate your concerns in such a way that every person reading the letter understands what you are trying to say and to what exactly you are referring. Here are some essential tips to follow:

Make your purpose of writing clear:

There should not be any confusion as to what you are trying to say as you have made the purpose clear in the subject. Remember to always add a meaningful and short subject.

Use a humble tone:

You are not writing to reprimand anyone because it is not a warning letter. So, be humble and communicate what you know about the matter.

Refer to the particular instance to make your point strong:

If there is any such instance when you saw the management giving ill-treatment to any of the staff members, you should mention it in the letter.

Below is a sample letter for your better understanding:

Sample letter:

Subject: management behavior letter of concern

Dear [mention the name of the manager],

I am writing to let you know that the treatment of some of the people sitting in the managerial position with the staff is not as per the policy of the company. I have received many complaints and when I started to notice, I became an eye-witness to this.

As you know, employees are the driving force of the company and they are the respectable part. Therefore, they deserve to be treated with respect. I would like to ask you to kindly have a look at the behavior of everyone in the management department and start to show patience as I know how tough a manager’s job is.

If you want to discuss anything with me regarding this issue, contact me or see me in my office. I would love to show cooperation and resolve the matter with you. I will look forward to a positive change in you and other people in the management

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

Sender’s name

Designation in the company

Letter of Concern for Management Behavior with Staff

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