Letter of Concern for Poor Management Decisions

It is very common to see several problems arising in the workplace. The root cause of such problems can be anyone. In some cases, the issues arise due to the poor decisions of the management. If the employee is smart enough to sense that the poor decision is causing trouble, he can also write a letter to the management for its poor decisions.

What is a letter of concern for poor management decisions?

This letter is written to show that you are worried because of the poor management decisions. The purpose of writing this letter is to highlight those important decisions that were not good for the company.

Who writes it?

Letters of concern are usually written by higher authorities because what they say matters. Usually, employers write the written to the management of the company to make them aware of the repercussions of bad decisions. In addition, the employees who are being affected by the wrong decisions can also write a letter of concern and give suggestions to the higher management.

What is the purpose of the letter of concern written because of bad decisions of the management?

Management in every company is responsible for taking decisions to make things right. However, the opposite happens in some cases. The employer or any other person can make the management aware of its unsatisfactory decisions which often leads to improvement in performance.

Some people want their decisions to be considered because the management has not considered them while taking the decisions and due to this, they believe that decision was not good. Sometimes, some people are responsible for monitoring the impact of management’s role and then reporting the issue. Such people are also quick to find an issue arising due to unsatisfactory decisions and then they write a letter of concern.

What are the benefits of the letter of concern?

It helps people improve:

Some people in management are often careless in terms of how they decide on certain things they are responsible for managing. If they are not told about their wrong judgments, they will continue to make wrong decisions. When they receive the letter of concern, they come to realize that they need to have a deeper insight into things and therefore, they should improve their performance.

It lets people what truly matters:

Certain things draw concerns if they are not done in the right way. The management must have made similar decisions in the past and seen different outcomes. So, when you write a letter of concern on a specific decision, the manager understands what draws concerns and what matters the most.

It is useful when the decision is required to be reversed:

The negative outcomes of a poor decision can be reversed often if the decision is reversed. This usually depends on how quickly you address the concern. So, the letter of concern helps compel the management to take its decisions back.

Sample letter:

Subject: Poor decision by [XYZ] letter of concern

Dear [mention the name of the manager],

This is to inform you that there are some serious issues in the company prevailing due to the bad decisions of the management. As you know that the IT project completely depends on the decision of the management, it is being adversary impacted.

I have felt that some of the people sitting in the managerial post don’t have enough knowledge of the IT department. Their decision to outsource all the projects that are received by the IT department will have serious effects on it.

Furthermore, the IT department is currently working on no project and this has affected my project team badly. Therefore, I would like to request you take your decisions back so that we can have projects to work on. This will also be good for the growth and prosperity of the company.

If you want to know more about this matter, you can contact me on 2353643. I have written this letter on behalf of everyone working in the IT department and all of us are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

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Letter of Concern for Poor Management Decisions

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