Failure to Comply with Company Policy Letter

Every company has some policies that are devised to maintain discipline in the company. These policies are designed because they provide a simple and straight roadmap to those working in the organization so that they can perform day-to-day operations smoothly. These policies are for everyone working in the company because this is the only way to bring discipline and management to the organization. An organization holds the right to admonish those who don’t follow these policies. This is the reason, the failure to comply with the company policy letter is written. 

What is a failure to comply with the company policy letter?

It is a formal letter that an employer writes to his employee when the employer has been seen not following the policies of the company. In this letter, the employee is told that the company has noticed him breaching the policies. 

What is the purpose of the failure to show a compliance letter?

Since following company policies is extremely important for everyone, it is important to make people aware that a policy breach is unacceptable. So, a company always writes this letter to give a message to the employees that they should take the rules and regulations of the company seriously. 

How to write a letter?

When you are writing the letter to address the concerns regarding the breach of the policies, you need to take the following points into account:

State the purpose of the letter:

Although the subject of the letter is enough to make the reader know about the purpose of the letter, some people fail to understand it and therefore, it is recommended to add the purpose of writing the letter clearly and concisely. In this part, you will tell why you are writing this letter. You can state the employee has not respected the rules of the organization and this has compelled the employer to write this letter. 

Discuss the exact situation:

Sometimes, the employee does not understand what particular thing you are referring to. Therefore, you should be clear and to the point as to what you are talking about. For example, if the tardiness of the employee is the main issue, mention it in the letter. 

Ask the employee to show compliance:

Tell the employee that it is very important for everyone in the company to show compliance with the rules and regulations of the company. Although it is obvious, the employer can reiterate it to emphasize the importance of following the policies of the company. 

Discuss the consequences:

If you have found that the employee has been warned so many times but does not seem to improve, you can discuss the repercussions of failure to show compliance. This part of the letter will enable the employee to realize that things can go south if he does not take the company and its policies seriously.

Offer your cooperation:

In some cases, the breach of the policies is not a deliberate action and it happens because the employee has some serious issues. If you realize that this might be the case, you can offer your cooperation and support to the employee. 

Read the sample letter given below to help yourself better understand how to write this letter:

Sample letter:


Name of the employee, 

Name of the department, 

Subject: Failure to comply with company policy 

Respected Mr. ABC,

It has been brought to my attention that you have not been following the rules and regulations of the company for the last two months. As you know, discipline is the company’s priority and we want to see order and management in the workplace. However, since you are not showing compliance, the company’s discipline is at stake despite defining the company policies many times which is unacceptable to our company.

As a part of the company, you should act responsibly towards your roles and duties so that you don’t play any role in ruining the discipline. In addition, failure to show compliance will result in serious problems. If you have any issues, you can contact me and share them with me. I look forward to your cooperation. 


Name of the sender


Failure to Comply with Company Policy Letter

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