Termination Letter for Failure to Perform Job Duties

People working for any organization or individual are supposed to be working efficiently because they are the workforce and they are expected to add value to the company they work for. Many people fail to perform their duties well because of many reasons. Companies hold the right to terminate people who don’t perform their duties well. However, they are required to follow a proper channel to successfully execute the termination process. 

What is a termination letter for failure to perform job duties?

This letter informs the employee that he is no longer an employee in the company because his employment has been terminated because of failure to perform job duties. This letter brings sad news for the employee even if he already sees it coming. Therefore, you should be kind and gentle when you communicate this decision to the company. 

Why is a termination letter for failure to perform job duties written?

There are two main purposes to write the termination letter which are listed below:

  1. The termination letter documents the decision of the company to lay off the employee because he did not perform his duties well. The termination letter provides clarity to the employee and the employer that the employee should now undergo the transitioning process. 
  2. If an employee takes legal action against the company for unfair termination, the company can present the termination letter before the court with the reason to prove that the termination was not unlawful. This way, the company can protect itself from the legal actions taken against them. 

What are the main elements of the termination letter?

Following are some key components of the termination letter everyone should know about:

Date of termination:

The employee should be told on which date, he will be terminated from the company. This date is important to mention because it states clearly how much time an employee stayed in the company and in which position. 

Reason for termination:

This letter should outline that the employee was not fulfilling the roles and responsibilities that were assigned to him. In this section, the employer should outline the particular instance when the responsibilities were not fulfilled. In this part, the employer should also tell the reader has disappointed him by not meeting his expectations. 

List of things an employee is expected to return:

Since you have terminated the employee, he is no longer part of the company. Now before he leaves, he should be asked to return all the items that the employee has in his possession. You can mention that the employee will get the clearance of the dues and gratuity only if he returns all the belongings of the company. 

Contact details of HR:

An employee might want to know a lot of things after reading this termination letter. Therefore, the contact details of the HR should be given in the letter so that the reader can contact and resolve the issues and get the answer to the query. 

Sample letter:



[Name of the employee]

Subject: Termination on account of [XYZ]

Respected Mr. ABC, 

I hope this letter finds you in the best health and spirit. This letter is being written to let you know that you are being terminated from the job position of sales manager because of not fulfilling the job responsibilities that were assigned to you. 

You have been sent many warning letters because you have not been performing your responsibilities well. Due to your unprofessional behavior, the company has incurred a loss. Therefore, the company has decided to terminate its employment contract with you. Your employment will be terminated on 15th February 20XX.

You are requested to return all the assets of the company that you have in your possession by 10th February 20XX so that the company can clear the pending dues and gratitude. Thank you so much for working at ABC Company and giving your valuable time. We acknowledge you being a part of ABC Company. If you have any questions in your mind, you can contact Mr. Joseph who is the manager of the HR department.

Wish you the best of luck


Name of the sender

Termination Letter for Failure to Perform Job Duties

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