Training Session Reminder Email

Training sessions are conducted in different organizations to train people so that they can improve their skills and get updated knowledge in their area of work. Some people independently take part in training sessions to get a promotion in their company and get higher pay.

If you are someone who has organized a training session and you have seen many people taking interest in it, you should write them a reminder email so that they can remember when they have to be ready to attend the coaching class. 

What is a training session reminder email?

After you have promoted your training program and many people have registered for it, it is time for you to remind people that they are supposed to attend the training session. 

What are the benefits of writing a reminder email by targeting prospective trainees?

Sending a reminder email then does not cost you anything except time which is also worthwhile. You can reap the following benefits:

It shows that you know professionalism:

When you remind people of the training session, it shows that you are concerned about their attendance. When a trainer is a concerned person, he has all the properties of a mentor. People also hold the view that the person reminding them is a good mentor who wants people to attend the session and learn something. 

It ensures maximum attendance:

Many people forget to attend the training session due to a very busy routine. So, when you send them a reminder email, you help them prepare themselves for the training program they want to take part in. People who are confused as to whether they should attend the event or not often receive the email and make up their minds to attend the session. 

It helps a brand get recognition:

When people receive emails from a training company, they start to recognize the brand. This way, a training company starts getting popular and it is likely to get more people interested in the training program. 

How to write?

People who are interested in attending the event or a session start to lose interest in it over time. So, when the actual date of the event arrives, they are not interested in it at all and sometimes, they also forget about it completely. However, writing an email in an efficacious way will help you get the interest of the people back. Here are some tips for you for writing a perfect reminder email:

Write a simple email:

When you write this email, you should never forget the purpose of the email. Since your sole purpose is to remind the recipient of the coaching session, you should write a simple and plain email. There is no need to add graphics or animations in this email. However, you can add a link to your official website. 

Don’t give long explanations:

Those who have registered themselves for the event have known enough about the event. So, you don’t need to give long details of the event such as the agenda. Only focus on the timing and venue of the training that people should be reminded about. 

Use active voice sentences:

Maximum reminder emails are written in active voice English sentences. These sentences are usually very easy to understand and people find the email to be very much readable they tend to follow more easily due to the increased readability. 

Below is a sample email that you can read and get an idea about the content. 

Sample email:

Subject: A quick Reminder

Dear customer, 

Thank you so much for showing interest in our training program specially designed for professional software developers. We would like to remind you that the training session you have registered for is going to be held on 15th February 20XX. Only a few days to go and you should gear up for learning and adopting new skills.

We look forward to your attendance at the event on 15th February at 10 am. We wish you the best of luck with this event. Feel free to call us on 3535243 in case you have any queries. 

See you at the event!


Name of the sender, 


Training Session Reminder Email

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