Business Event Reminder Email

These days, everything has become so mechanical that people don’t even remember the things that are important to them in their life. So forgetting about any business event is very common. So, when you send a reminder email to your recipients, you help them recall that the event they registered for is just around the corner and they should make themselves present in it. 

What is a business event reminder email?

It is a formal email that you write to those people who have previously shown interest in attending the business event your company is going to organize. In most of the events, people are required to register and pay some fee. Even if they have not paid the fee, you should send them a reminder email because it will help you increase the recognition of your brand and gain popularity. 

Why should you write a commercial event reminder email?

Many businesses don’t send a reminder email or letter because they believe that people who have registered for the event are going to be present in it. However, one should never forget the fact that no matter how important an event in someone’s life is, they are always likely to forget about the exact day and time. Usually, people register for an occasion a week or a month ago. So, it is very common to not remember that occasion. 

Through this email, you can send updates regarding the event. For example, if you have changed the time or venue of the event, you can update all the interested people through this reminder email. So, with this one email, you can serve many purposes. However, it is important to know how you draft this email. 

How to write a business event reminder email?

Here are some tips that you can follow for writing an email that communicates the important details:

Write a few days before the event:

People who don’t remember that there is an event around the corner may have no time for attending the event. However, if you remind them at least one day before, they can make some adjustments to their schedule to make it to the event. 

Remind them of the event in detail:

When you are writing to recall the reader, make sure that you mention the name of the event, its purpose, name of the business organization so that people can recall for which event they got registered and what was the purpose behind it. 

Give the details of the event:

You should know that when people are reminded to attend the event, they should also be reminded of the time at which they should be at the event and also the date and venue. Through this part of the email, you help people in attending the organized gathering or meetup. 

Offer your cooperation:

You should know that the recipient might need your cooperation for attending the event. There might be many questions in the mind of the reader. So, you should provide details of the person who has been assigned the responsibility to cooperate and support people. 

Write a short email:

Whenever you are recalling a special event that is going to take place shortly, you should write a short email so that the most important details can reach the intended recipient as soon as possible. If the email is long, the reader will have to go through all of it to find the most useful information such as time and venue. In this situation, most people ignore or discard the email instead of reading it. 

Sample email:

Subject: A quick Reminder of the event at [XYZ]

Dear customer, 

The education expo by ABC Institute is going to be held tomorrow. Since you have registered with us, we look forward to your presence at the event. The venue and timing details of the expo are given below:

Time: [ XX00 hours]

Venue: [Bin Aslam]

We would like to request you to make yourself present on time so that you don’t miss any opportunity. You can contact Mr. James to know anything about your attendance at the event. We look forward to you. 

See you at the event!


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Business Event Reminder Email

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