Leave Text Message to Boss due to Childcare

Sample #1

Hope this message reaches you in good health. I am Linda Steward and was currently on maternity leave. My leaves will end on [mention date]. I am penning down the message to ask for two weeks leave extension. The reason is that my baby has got a chest infection and admits to the hospital. He needs immediate care and I cannot think of leaving them with the nanny. I request you approve my leave extension request. I hope this will not cause any inconvenience to you. I assure you that I will be back in the office after this period.

Sample #2

Being a single mother, all the household responsibilities are on me. I have to keep an eye on every affair. Last night I was at a family function along with my daughter and due to overeating, my daughter got food poisoning. She has vomited many times and all her energy is drained. She is too young to care for herself while I will be at the workplace. She needs proper care and I am taking her today to a child specialist. I will not come to the office today due to the above-mentioned reason. Kindly cooperate with me in this regard. Thank you.

Sample #3

As you know that Diana is my only child and I am very concerned about her. Whenever she falls ill, I get worried. Yesterday, she was playing on the ground when suddenly a ball hit her mouth and resulted in an eye injury. In hustle and bustle, I rushed her to an adjacent hospital. There is a small blood clot in her eye and it will be removed after minor surgery.

Today will be her surgery and she will remain to admit in the hospital for three days. I want to take ten days’ leave to take a proper look after my daughter. I hope you will understand the seriousness of the matter.

Sample #4

Dear Sir, this is to inform you that I cannot make it to college today. My younger daughter has stuck something in her nose and I will be taking her to ENT. It is my humble plea to grant me leave for the same reason. I will be honored bound to you for this favor.

Sample #5

There was a dance rehearsal in my son’s school for the annual function and while practicing a step my son fell from the stairs. This resulted in a fracture in his right leg and swelling on the face. After remaining admitted for two days in the hospital, he has been discharged today. He is not in a condition of walking himself. He needs proper care and I want two weeks’ leave in this regard. I will remain available through email in case of a top-priority matter.

Sample #6

This is to bequeath you that I need a few days to leave for taking care of my son. My wife is out of the station to attend an international meeting and she will come next week. My son is suffering from a high fever and there is no one at home to look after him. I have contacted my younger sister to be with him for a day but still I need to take her to a consultant.

I request you grant me five days’ leave and allow me during these days to work from home. I can remain within easy reach via phone calls. I hope you feel sympathize with me and will apprehend my engrossment. Thanking in anticipation.

Sample #7

I am Alice Maxwell and currently working as manager of operations in your institute. This is a formal request message to ask for a few days’ leave as I am badly penetrated in tough circumstances and my child’s health is neglected. I have no childminder at home to look after my daughter. Therefore, I request you to contemplate the matter and allow me a few day’s leaves. Hence I will be able to supervise him.

Sample #8

This is to convey to you that I am a Physics lecturer in your college and I want three days’ leave to nurse my child. My daughter has fallen seriously ill and needs acute care. Having a busy work schedule in college I cannot concentrate on my lectures and my mind will remain stuck on my daughter. Kindly approve my leave request. I will be highly thankful to you for your collaboration.

Leave Text Message to Boss due to Childcare

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