Meeting is Cancelled and Reschedule to DATE Messages

Sample #1

Please mark this message to correct your date for the monthly staff meeting that was meant to be held on [mention date]. Due to some unforeseen problems, we had to cancel the meeting as the final report of Mr. Hutcheon is not yet complete.

Moreover, there is an international seminar on [mention date] and the CEO is leaving for another country to attend it. Due to all the scenarios, we were left with no option but to cancel the meeting and reschedule it for another day. The new date of the meeting is [mention date] and any queries you have in this regard you may ask the admin office

Sample #2

Hope you all have been in an exultation mood. Dear employees, please be notified that our meeting with the managing director of the ABC organization has been postponed as he is out of the station. You will be notified through email about the next meeting date. Please keep this thing in your mind and prepare your topics well as you are having enough time now to present.

Sample #3

This message aims to convey to you that Mr. Arthur has carried over the Sputnik Project meeting. Now the meeting will be on Friday. There are going to be some important announcements in the meeting about hard-selling employees. Moreover, the organization will be assembling a training session for new employees and its agenda will also be discussed in the meeting.

Sample #4

This message aims to bring to your notice the new meeting date as today’s meeting has been canceled. Mr. Marshall, the head of the organization, is going to the Netherlands to resolve some issues that need to be sewn up on an immediate basis. I am remorseful in advance for letting you know about this at the eleventh hour. Please mark in your calendar that the meeting is rescheduled to [mention date]. You will get an email and confirmation message about the venue of the meeting. Your collaboration will be highly appreciated in this regard.

Sample #5

First of all, I apologize for being the source of inconvenience due to certain reasons today’s meeting will be canceled. There have appeared some unforeseen timetable squabble that gave rise to cancel the meeting. I was looking for a long time to this meeting and hopefully, we will have an interchangeable assenting timetable. Please let me know that will you be available on [mention date]. If this is feasible for you then let me know through email. I express my regret to defer the meeting and hopefully will have a meeting in the future again.

Sample #6

I am Steward Ben and engrossing this message on behalf of ABC Enterprise’s CEO about the cancellation of the meeting. It was lined up on [mention date] and now it will be on [mention date]. The organization always adheres to time table strictly but the actual cause of countermanding the session is the unexpected death of the pioneer of ABC Organization. His son has substantiated this news and we are contrite to hassle you.

All the arrangements for the meeting have been made and there were a lot of important topics were need to be talked about in it. I believe you will understand the reason for changing the schedule because of the inevitable state of affairs. The meeting is rescheduled to on [mention date] and we are looking forward to seeing you in the meeting.

Sample #6

I hope you all have been doing great. I am proposing this message on behalf of Mr. Edward, Metlife’s president, to let you know about the cancellation of the trade meeting. The meeting was meant to be struggled on [mention date] at the organization’s head office. On account of the sudden rise of ineliminable conditions, the meeting has been rescheduled for Friday. He has to attend an intercontinental seminar and he will not be within easy reach to supervise the meeting.

You all had been waiting eagerly for this much-awaited meeting and all the preparations had been made. He was not intended to hurt you but he had zero option but to be in an international seminar on a prompt basis. Please respond to this message and you all will be notified about the new meeting date on his return.

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