Absent Message for School for Various Reasons

Text #1

Respected sir, it is stated that I have been suffering from nausea and stomachache. I am a student in 9th grade in your school and due to illness; I cannot make it to school today. I have an appointment with the doctor and I need today’s leave in this regard. I hope you will cooperate with me.

Text #2

Dear Madam, I am writing this message to ask for five days’ leave from school as my mother has planned a family trip. We are leaving tonight for hilly areas and I do not want to miss this trip. My siblings study in different cities and we are gathering after two years. I want to make everlasting memories with my family. I hope you will take into account my request.

Text #3

We are leaving for Amsterdam this afternoon because of the death of my aunt. She was more than a mother to me as I had spent seven years of my life with her. In this situation, I can’t attend school for a few days. I will cover the workload after coming back home. I hope you will accept my leave request.

Text #4

This message is my formal five-day leave request due to a family function. My elder is tying the knot this Friday and her wedding functions are starting tomorrow. Due to this, I cannot come to school daily. Therefore, I request you to please grant me leave for the said period. Thank you for considering my request.

Text #5

With due respect, I am penning down this message for two days’ leave. My father had contentious property and there is a meeting today at our place in this regard. My participation is a must in it and due to this, I cannot come to school today. Your cooperation will highly be appreciated in this regard.

Text #6

I am Smith Jones and study in 10th grade at ABC School. I had been suffering from a high fever and after getting some tests done I had been diagnosed with [X]. If I attend school, then there is a high risk of spreading this to other students. I have quarantined myself and will take full care of myself. Steward has agreed to email me daily class assignments. I will try to cover the lesson daily. Attached with the message is my report and I will update you about my health daily.

Text #7

I am writing this message to ask your permission for three days’ leave. I have fallen seriously ill and cannot attend classes. Our midterm exams are about to start by next week and I have to prepare most of the topics. With this ailment, I cannot concentrate on my studies. I assure you as I feel better I will utilize the time in preparing topics. I would like to take your assistance to cover the missing assignments after coming back to school.

Text #8

Most respectfully, I am sending this message to ask for three days’ leave as I have to travel to another city. My mother is coming back from Australia after her study tour and my family is going to pick her up from the airport. We will stay there for two days at my aunt’s place. I am going along with my family and need your permission in this regard. Considering my situation, I hope you will allow me three days’ leave.

Text #9

My brother is getting married this weekend and we are going to Amsterdam three days earlier for a dance rehearsal. The celebrations will continue for five days and the guests have started coming. I will be extremely busy during these days and cannot make up for school. Thank you for taking into account my request.

Text #10

Dear Sir, please allow me seven days’ leave as my younger sister has died in a road accident. My family is going through the toughest phase of life and it is very difficult for us to bear her loss. We shared a great bond and she was my crime partner. I need a few days’ leave to come out of this phase. I hope you will understand my situation and will approve my leave request. I request you to please remember my family in your kind prayers.

Absent Message for School

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