Email to Professor about Being Sick

Email -1

This message aims to bring to your notice that due to an ailment, I could not take accounting classes. I am on leave for the past three days and till I recover I can’t attend university. I am extremely anxious about not executing well in final exams as I have missed most of the accounting lectures. Secondly, I have also the fear of getting short of attendance. I am not in a situation to attend university and therefore asking for five days’ leave. I would like to take help from you in your free time so may I cover the syllabus? I am hoping to get a positive response from you.

Email -2

Most respectfully, this is stated that I am having a high temperature since yesterday. I visited the doctor for my checkup, and he has kept me on one week’s medicine course. Therefore, it will not be possible for me to make it to classes. Once I get completely recovered, I will be back to college. Attached with the email are my medical record and blood test report. I would be highly obliged to you for the favor.

Email -3

Please be informed that on [mention date] I met with a small injury that resulted in my arm’s fracture. There will be a small surgical procedure for its treatment and after that, I have been advised to be on two weeks of bed rest. The doctor’s recommendation letter is attached to this email. I humbly request you understand my critical situation and sanction me two weeks’ leave.

Email -4

I am a chronic migraine patient for a long time and once it gets started it is hardly possible to get rid of it. Currently, I am passing through the same phase and having a headache since last night. It has made me irritated, and my condition is not appropriate to attend university today. I request you postpone my today’s presentation and conduct it in your next class. I was fully prepared to present it today, but it is not possible for me now.  I request you to grant me today’s leave and I have an appointment at noon with a consultant. Thank you for considering my request.

Email -5

This message is a medical request for leave for two weeks due to a spinal injury. I had gone through a horrible accident six months ago and still; I am facing its consequences. It had affected badly my spinal cord. Yesterday, on my way back home I got slipped from a banana peeling and as a result, I fell on the road and hit my back. Since then, I am not in a position to walk properly. I visited the hospital and the doctor prescribed two weeks of rest and medication.


Email -6

Due to extreme weather fluctuations, I have been suffering from a cold cough and high fever. My body is aching continuously due to incessant pain, and I am having body cramps. I have been diagnosed with Typhoid and from today I will be on two weeks medicine course. it is not feasible for me to make it to university from [mention date] to [mention date]. I will let you know if I need additional leave.

Email -7

Respected Madam, I am on my period since yesterday. Due to menstrual cramps and stomach-churning feelings, I have become infuriated and cannot attend university for two days. I am having mood fluctuations and have taken medicine to lessen the pain’s effect, but it is still the same. I cannot concentrate on lectures in this situation. If I take two days’ leave, I will have adequate time to rest properly. Kindly grant me leave in this regard.

Email -8

I am Linda Morph and study medical sciences at your institute. These days I am not doing good due to an eye infection. Continuous use of my laptop and the mobile screen has caused infection in my eyes, and I have red spots in them. This is a very painful situation for me, and my studies are affected badly. I have eye surgery on [mention date] and for this reason, I want two weeks’ leave. After getting fully recovered, I will be back to college again. For further queries, you can contact my mother anytime. I will be thankful to you for your deliberation.

Email to professor about being sick

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