Excuse Letter to Boss to allow Working from Home

An excuse letter written to the boss to allow working from home is a request from an employee to work remotely if they are having trouble reaching the workplace. This request is usually submitted in the form of a formal letter to the boss, supervisor, or human resources department, depending on the company’s requirements. In some cases, an employee may be unable to come for days, weeks or even months, while in other cases, they may have some personal work to take care of for a few hours and then spend the rest of the day working from home.


Working from home is becoming very common nowadays because a lot of times, work can be done or tasks can be completed online, and usually, companies don’t have an objection if an employee is working remotely. In fact, in a few cases, it has been determined that overall productivity increases if the flexibility of working from home is provided to the employees. There can be many reasons for working from home.

  • Being sick or having an injury
  • Family matters that need to be taken care of.
  • Road Hazards or inconvenient commutes (flooding, snow, etc.)
  • Taking a day off or a need to take a break from a hectic travel or work routine  
  • Relocation
  • Temporarily working during annual vacations or off days

Things to Consider

While writing the letter, the following things must be kept in mind:

  • The employee must be aware of the company HR policies regarding the leave summary plan description.
  • Providing a brief explanation of the reason for being unable to come to the office
  • A strategy must be provided about how the job or work responsibilities are going to be met.
  • Provide a definite period of your absence.
  • reassurance of being accessible to internal and external stakeholders.
  • If an employee is going to be absent for a longer period, for weeks or months, necessary documentation should be provided to support the request, e.g., a medical report, in case of health-related issues.
  • Sometimes information security is a concern. If there is a chance of confidential data being hacked, it is advised to consider this factor and inform the concerned authorities.

Writing the Letter

The letter should state clearly what the requests are, whether it is stating the specific time required to work from home or the way you are going to handle your work obligations and work-related commitments. The employee should provide the contact details so colleagues can connect when needed.


Subject: what the letter is regarding.

Contact information: name, title, address, contact number, email.


Recipient Information: Name, Title, Company, Address.

Ask for permission according to the policy of the company.

Offer some compensation. Let the company know you are willing to make up for your absence.

Do not go into too many details about the reason for being absent. Keep it brief and to the point.

Complimentary closing: Regards, Sincerely, Respectfully.


Sample Letters


I am writing with an earnest request to allow me to work from home today. My child has fallen ill with a high fever and I need to stay at home to look after him.

I can reschedule our XYZ meeting with the clients so that I am present to answer their queries during our presentation. In addition, ABC will deal with all walk-in clients today during my absence from the office.

I will be available online and will carry out my work on the client’s presentation and report. I can join meetings remotely through video conferencing. I can also be contacted through email or phone.

I shall be grateful to you for your consideration and cooperation.


I am writing to request you for a temporary work-from-home arrangement due to a medical issue. I had a minor accident yesterday that caused a hairline fracture in my foot. The doctor has strictly forbidden me to put a strain on my foot for two weeks. I, therefore, request you to allow me to work from home during this period, from (date) to (date).

Let me assure you that my work enthusiasm and productivity will not decline while I work remotely. I shall be committed to all my work responsibilities and duties. Moreover, I shall stay connected with my team throughout the working hours.

Please do share your guidelines for helping me be more productive during this period. I shall do my best not to let the team face any inconvenience due to my physical absence from the office.

Thank you for considering my request. I look forward to your approval and cooperation.


Subject: Request to work from home



Dear Mr.  Smith,

I had an accident yesterday, November 22, and I injured my leg. My doctor has advised me to go to bed rest. I will not be able to come to work for the next two weeks. Therefore, I will be working from home and will return to the office on December 6, 20XX.

Meanwhile, if you need anything from me, I will be reachable by email and phone at any time, during working hours.

I have attached the reports from the hospital along with the doctor’s prescription.


Emily Blunt.

Excuse Letter to Boss to allow Working from Home

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