Excuse Letter for not Attending PTM in School

Some situation may arise leading to you not being able to attend a Parent Teacher Meeting or PTM at your child’s school. To look polite and concerned you can write an excuse letter for not being able to attend the PTM.

Your contact will remain with the school as long as your children are there, you, therefore, do not want to give the impression that you are not concerned with what is going on at school. This carefree attitude may be shown if you miss a PTM.

Therefore it is better to apologize to limit the harm caused by you not attending the PTM. You may also request to have an update concerning what the meeting encompassed.

Tips to write an excuse letter for not attending PTM in school

  1. You can start off by writing the date.
  2. Leave some space and state the name of the recipient, their official title, the name of the school as well as the address of the school,
  3. Leave some space and start off by “Dear …”
  4. Start off by requesting the recipient to accept your apology for not attending the PTM. You can state the date the precise meeting was held.
  5. In the next paragraph, you can tell your name and relationship to the concerned student. Type the class of the student. Tell why you were not able to attend.
  6. Do not explain in detail and continuously why you were not able to attend. Keep it brief.
  7. In the next paragraph, you can humbly request a private conference. This will show your concern. State that the recipient can freely contact you when they are free. State your address, email as well as phone numbers where they can contact you.
  8. End with a sentence thanking them for considering your case.
  9. End with “Thank you” and your name along with the signature.

You do not want to give the image that you do not care about your child’s education. Therefore when you miss a PTM, it is better to excuse yourself and request another meeting. PTM’s are important as they may tell how your child is functioning at school. Therefore these meetings may be vital to attend.



Thanks for being the best teacher a student can have.

I am a very keen parent and always eyes and ears to my children and their performance. But as you know I am a working mom who should juggle between professional as well personal lives. Looking after two kids is a real challenge sometimes.

As you know, I always attend the parent’s teacher meetings. I was looking forward to the meeting this time as well. However, my little one got sick with fever and I had to carry her to the doctor. Due to which I had to skip the meeting with you. Please let me know about your availability during this week. I will make sure to meet you and discuss your concerns regarding my child.



Excuse Letter for not Attending PTM in School

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