Warning Letter for not Following Procedures

Whenever there is a threatening situation, the company issues a warning letter to its employees. No one wants to receive a warning letter because it may put their job at risk.

When an employee does not follow the right procedures maintained by the organization, the organization can write a warning letter against the employee for not following the right procedures. This warning letter is a scary piece of document for an employee as it warns the employee of any activity in the future.

Every company has its own standard rules and procedures to be followed. It is mandatory for every person working in the company to abide by the rules. Most of the companies provide the procedures in the written form that they want to be followed.

The employees failed to follow these procedures for many reasons. One of the key reasons is not understanding these procedures well. Other reasons may be negligence of employees and a lot more. When the employee does not follow these procedures well, s/he causes the disturbance at his workplace.

The company expects a lot from its employees when it comes to following the rules and procedures since the employees are hired on the basis of their skills, competencies as well as and understanding of the task assigned to them.

Tips for writing the warning letter:

When the performance of the employee in relation to following the procedures is not up to the mark and the clients as well as the boss is not satisfied with the performance, a warning letter against that employee can be issued. The employee is informed about the mistake he has committed by writing a warning letter.

The warning letter should be written in a polite way. The purpose of writing this letter should not be to threaten the employee but rather to let him know about his mistake. if the tone is not polite, it goes against professional ethics and aggravates the situation.

The letter should be kept to the point and brief. The possible results the employee will have to face for repeating the mistake should be mentioned in the warning letter.


Dear Mr. [name]

It has been reported to the bank administration that you are not following the procedure for the issuance of [name] card. As you are well aware that the standard procedure is to get the client’s Identity card and a signed affidavit before starting the procedure of issuance of the card. After a thorough check of the financial background, the bank proceeds with the application. There are three more steps in the process but you have been found to be in violation of this procedure.

This is highly unethical and improper as, without the proper paperwork, this can cause a huge problem for the bank and yourself in the future. The work we do is sensitive in nature and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Any shortcuts taken in this regard can cause considerable loss.

Due to a lack of proper record-keeping, many clients would suffer and without written plans, there is bound to be ambiguity and loss. The procedures have been put in place after years of experience and research and violating them can have serious consequences.

You are henceforth being warned that you only have one week to put your affairs in order. Any further complaints in this regard will result in strict disciplinary action against you.

Looking forward to swift action from your side.


It has been reported to the hospital administration that you are not following proper Covid SOPs in your department. Only a few nurses and doctors are seen wearing masks while the patients hardly wear them whereas according to the SOPs all the hospital staff should strictly wear personal protective equipment and the patients must be made to wear masks before entering the department. Sanitizers are not available at the entry points of Out Patient Department or the wards. Social distancing is also not being followed.

According to the guidelines, not more than five patients can enter the waiting area having a capacity of twenty, and not more than ten patients can sit at once in the waiting area having a capacity of forty. But it has been observed that the waiting areas in your department are full of patients with no regard for the SOPs.

This behavior is very alarming. You being such a senior doctor are fully aware of how very contagious this disease is and the disaster such negligence can cause. We are truly shocked and it is only a matter of time before the consequences of this slipshod behavior start showing in the form of an alarming rise in the number of covid cases.

This is literally a matter of life and death as your patients are already weak and have co-morbid. In this situation, if they catch Covid, the chances of their survival are very low. The administration would hold you personally responsible for any such unfortunate event.

Consider this your first and last warning and start getting your department in order in regards to the Covid Sops. You are being given three days and after that, a team would visit your department. In case of any violation of the Sops, strict disciplinary action would be taken against you.

Looking forward to swift and strict action by you.

Letter -3

Hope you’re having a productive week at work.

I still remember interviewing you for the position of designer in our warehouse. You have worked hard to build this team and take the company forward. I am a great fan of yours and your work.

But in the last month’s review, I have come across the fact that you are not following the work procedures very well. I was very disappointed to notice this. As you have been one of the best employees we had, I would like to warn you to change your behavior and abide by any rules set by the company. You can always feel free to discuss any issues with me should you want.

Looking forward to seeing this improvement in you.

With Thanks.

Warning letter for not following procedures

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Warning Letter for not Following Procedures
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