Employee Background Verification Form

Many companies perform the background check of the employees before hiring them. There can be many reasons for which background check is performed. For example, an organization may want the security clearance before hiring an employee that is being interviewed. Usually, the employees that are applying for the job positions which involve many financial responsibilities are required to check their background. Checking of the background enables the company to know how financially dependable you are.

Checking of the background has become common practice in many organizations while the hiring of a new person. It is very important for everyone to know about his rights while allowing the company to conduct background checks.

What is background verification?

The background verification is a process in which the commercial, criminal and financial records of a person are reviewed. The background verification form is used by different companies to perform the background verification.

Why is background verification conducted?

While interviewing the employee, sometimes the employer needs to ensure that the employee is telling the truth. Many employers have liability issues that can be solved by verification of the employees. For example, if a transport company hires a taxi driver it is required to perform the background verification to check if the car driver had any background accident or crash in past.

Before the verification of the background, the employer can ask the employee for permission. The employer has the right to request all the employees to give permission for verification.

Benefits of the form:

The background verification form is used by the companies to collect the information about the employees. This form is the best tool for collecting the personal and public details about the person. There are many reasons for which the background verification is performed such as employee check, volunteer investigation, criminal record check etc.

The form also contains a disclaimer that the information provided by the employee to the employer is correct and based on true facts. There are many sections in the form such as date of birth, nationality, residences, social security number, driving license number etc.

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Background verification form

Background Verification Form Template

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