Email to Excuse from Training

If you work in a company or organization, you know that there is compulsory training. This helps the staff be more efficient. They can learn new things to aid the company in advance. Therefore, they are important. There may be some reason that you cannot attend some training.

What is an email to head to excuse from training?

The email to excuse from training is the email that you will need to send to your head or boss to ask them if you can miss the training. You will need to have a solid reason for this.

You need to inform your head in advance if you cannot attend the training. They must know how many people will be able to come so that everything can be arranged accordingly. It looks unprofessional if you are not present and do not inform the head.

Tips to compose the email

The email must be formal and official. Keeping this in mind you can look at the following points:

  1. Professional format

The email must not be written carelessly with spelling and grammar mistakes. This is because it is a formal one. Write it carefully in an official style. This shows that you are serious about your work.

  1. Present your reasons briefly

Do not write a long and boring email. No one will have time to read it all. Simply tell the reason you cannot attend the training. This reason must be a solid one. It could be that you need to go to the dentist for instance.

  1. Be sincere

Show that you are sorry for not being able to go to the training. By your wording, it must be seen that you regard the training as important. Ask if you can be given resources that will be provided at the training.

When a company organizes training for the staff, they take out time to do this. If a staff member cannot attend the training, they must inform the head beforehand.

Sample Emails


Re. Excuse from Training

Dear Emily,

I have been a C-7 lecturer in your GCK Institute of Medical Sciences since 20XX. I have been serving in this institute for long and the time I spent in this institute has considerable importance and filled with great memories. I am glad to receive my job up-gradation letter on 20th April 20XX. I got my up-gradation from scale C-7 to C-8 and I am overtly delighted over that. Along with my up-gradation letter, I received a call letter for Induction Training Program which is starting from 25th April 20XX. I am sorry to inform you that I am unable to complete this Upgradation Induction Training Program.

I completely understand the vitality of this training program as it is important for official and professional fillings of the systematic up-gradation. The training program is for the effective and enhanced skills and methodology of teaching, interactive teaching, and other theories of learning. Emily, my wife is pregnant for 8 months and the upcoming days are crucial for her. As the venue of the training program is in California, I am unable to leave my home and wife alone here. It is sad that I cannot take up this training program as it keeps a significant position in my career. I am stuck with the responsibility of my wife.

I can join the training program in the next session which will be conducted in December 20XX. I hope you will excuse me from taking this training program in this session considering my compulsion to stay with my wife. I will be grateful to you for this kind favor.

Thank you in anticipation



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Re. Excuse from Taking HR Training Program

Dear Solloway,

I am an Assistant Human Resource Manager in your company since 20XX. I am working at this post for five years and have been really enjoying this job. Recently, on 20th April 20XX, I received an email from the Senior Manager of the company directing all of the Human Resource Department staff to make their presence sure at the conference hall C-0 of the JCL Head office in for one week Progressive Training.

I know the imperative vivacity and professional necessity of this training program but as you know that the training program is going to be held in Fresno, California which is much distant from my residence in Brooklyn. Solloway, I am a single parent having three kids under eighteen to take care of. I and my wife separated in 20XX and the court has given me the custody of kids. I am unable to leave my kids alone at home as they are too young to take care of themselves without vigilance and supervision of an elder.

Going through these circumstances, I put myself back and cannot be at the training program. I promise to keep up with the updates, video training programs, and other guidelines through documents and research papers.

I will be grateful if you give a kind relief and excuse me from taking up this training.

Thank you in anticipation



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