Email Template for an Invitation to a Software Technology Seminar

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Software technology seminars are often conducted by many IT based companies that want to introduce their software to the general public. These seminars help the companies increasing their knowledge and sharpen their skills. Due to increase in demands of knowledge and technology, many organizations often hold seminars to share the knowledge with the people with relevant skills and interests. Ideally, a seminar should have a lot of audiences since it is the number of people that makes the seminar successful. More people a company invites to its seminar, more questions and remarks it will come up with.

The best way the software companies find to invite the IT specialists and other interested people to the seminar is to write the invitation letter or emails. Before you write an invitation letter or email to people, make sure that the seminar that you are conducting will provide the ample information to the audience. The invitation emails are usually written in a formal tone and are very precise. To keep the email precise, try to include necessary information only.

The tone of the email should be professional and it should be written with courtesy. The professional attitude of the sender is very likely to impress the recipient. The email should be ended on a positive note. You can thank the reader for reading your email. Write that you expect from the reader to attend the seminar.

Subject Lines

Add a strong subject line in the email. The subject should be attractive enough to compel the reader to read the whole email. Make the reader feel that his/her participation in the seminar is very important for the company. You can also state that how the reader will be benefited from attending the seminar. Start the paragraph with the introduction of your company. The introduction should be given very briefly. The main details to be included in the email are the timing of the seminar and venue. You can also add some other details based on needs of your company. Try to keep the language of the email very simple and make it sure that there is not a grammatical mistake in it. At the end of the letter, tell the reader that you will be waiting to accept the invitation.

Email Template for an Invitation to a Software Technology Seminar



To:  [email protected]
Cc:  [email protected]

Subject: Invitation to a Software Technology Seminar


Dear [Recipient’s Name],

As one of the most proficient and competent software developer working in our company, we have chosen you to attend the seminar. It would be an excellent opportunity to meet many experts and able software developers of the country in the seminar. There is very limited spacing in the hall and we want you to get registered to it at your earliest convenience.

The software technology seminar is being conducted on 16th of December 2017 at 5 PM at York Hilton. You will be happy to learn about

(Enlist the activities of the seminar)

We will be looking forward to your participation.

John Hudson

[Senders Title] -Optional-


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Email Template for an Invitation to a Software Technology Seminar

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