Show Cause Notices

Show Cause Notice is a kind of an appraisal that requires the recipient, be it an individual or corporation, to provide adequate and solid justification that why a certain action should not be taken against. It is more like giving a second chance to prove your innocence in front of the committee inquiring about the case.

Show Cause notices are sent in places where one is required of showing responsible behavior but he does not. Companies, colleges, and courts are the merited institutions for sending these notices.

If you are a teacher at a college and your colleague or student complaint about your bad conduct that requires inquiry, you are most likely to receive a show cause notice from the principal to prove your innocence in front of the committee.

Employees are often confronted with such situations. Being an employee at a law firm is not the easiest job to do. You must be quite cautious and responsible adhering to the professional demands. Yet you still are on a chance to receive a show cause notice from the head of your firm on any loophole. On violating the traffic or parking rules, individuals are often sent a show-cause notice before being punished.

Proving yourself not guilty is not an easy task to fulfill. You may need convincing abilities, dominant nature, and a good temper. Only then you can hope not to get punished by the law.

The nature of some cases demands the judge to call both parties, the accuser and the accused, into the courtroom and provide adequate pieces of evidence. The party that provides sufficient, strong evidence will not be punished and the other party will be given the show cause notice of punishment.

The show cause notice is a very straightforward and professional letter. At the start of the notice, the reason for the notice is announced unceremoniously. All the pieces of evidence of the crime being accused are given. The recipient is intrepidly made sure of his guilt. In the end, the recipient is asked to provide the court/committee with sufficient evidence in the case of innocence or he shall meet with strong actions.

Notice Templates

For poor performance

This notice serves as show cause on account of your poor performance in dealing with office affairs. Your monthly evaluation report has unveiled many truths about you. You do not accomplish tasks on time and delay them intentionally.

Last month, you made a miscalculated report that turned out in a lot of disturbance for us. It was our biggest mistake to assign you such an important task. You also do not cooperate with your teammates and miss important meetings. You are dependent on the company and you must stick to its policies. You cannot continue working with us if you do not change your habits.

You are therefore asked to tell us in detail the reason for your bad performance. Please submit your answer within two working days and do not negate the warning.

Absent from duty

This is to inform you that you are not meeting our employee’s criteria. This has been observed that you remain absent without letting your branch manager know about it. This indicates your unprofessionalism that is putting a bad impact on the organization’s reputation. This is resulting in your poor performance and many important projects are getting delayed due to this.

You are allowed to take only 3 leaves in a month but you remained absent for ten days. We have to face a lot of difficulty due to your absence and many clients went unanswered. On account of all this, you need to submit a written note detailing the reason for this behavior. 

Late coming to the office

Dear Marlow, I am sending you this show cause notice because of not following office timings. You have been given many indicators to change this habit but each time you ended in disobedience. You are in this practice for the past three weeks.

Last month, you let your supervisor know the reason for your late coming and we understood it. Now that matter has been resolved but you are still stuck to your old routine. You come to the office late and leave early. There are many pending tasks that need to be accomplished before [mention date]. You will not be provided any more relaxation and will explain this attitude. Please visit the HR office tomorrow along with an explanatory note.


Please take this as an official show cause notice for making the workplace environment bad with your harassing attitude. You are accused of harassing Miss Elizabeth, the accounts officer, and involving in bad talks with her. She was your teammate in ABC Project and you misused the opportunity and started harassing her. She registered a complaint against you and it was very difficult for me to digest it.

I had a good image of you and you ruined it with your bad nature. You are not safe for the organization and therefore we are giving you a last warning to correct yourself. The matter has been reported to higher authorities and they have asked for an explanation for such behavior.


I am penning down this notice to draw your attention to a very serious matter. You have been consistently misbehaving with your colleagues. This behavior is unacceptable at the work premises. The rest of the employees have started showing their offenses over it and the situation has become very problematic.

We have already given you many gentle reminders but you are persistent in sticking to the same behavior. This notice serves as a show cause asking you to justify your misbehavior. To continue your job you need to comply with the company’s rules. Violation of following its policies will definitely put a bad impact on your career.


On account of getting numerous complaints against you, we are issuing you a show cause notice. There are many incidents that clearly show your direct involvement in it. We have great respect for our workers and also want from them in return the same. On [mention date], you misbehaved with Mr. Michael and passed vulgar comments. We do not give vent to such behavior in our organization. You were also involved in shouting loudly with your manager.

I have also reported many incidents of the same kind. Despite giving many sessions I did not see any satisfactory results in your behavior. Due to this, you need to submit an explanatory note to Mr. Hutcheon. Please submit your answer before [mention date].

Negligence of duty

This is to inform you that we have been observing your performance for the past week after receiving many complaints against you. On [mention date], I witnessed it myself and it became the need of the hour to issue you a notice. We had five meetings with ABC corporations this month and you did not attend any of them. You were reminded even through email to reach out timely but you missed it wantonly. You knew well that these meetings keep vital importance in the company’s progress but each time you failed to attend it.

The customers went unsatisfactory and we lost an important deal due to your negligence. This behavior is not acceptable at any rate and you need to give solid reasons for doing so. The company will not let you go easily so please visit the HR office tomorrow at 11 am.

Misbehavior with senior

I am very disappointed after knowing that you misbehaved with Miss Katherine, senior accounts officer in ABC Organization. You breached the company’s policies and involved yourself in a baseless argument with senior staff. As a junior employee, you need to respect your elders and show compassion towards them. You not only misbehaved with her but also broke the office’s furniture. This is serious misconduct and you are accountable for its consequences.

You need to write a confession message to Miss Katherine to seek forgiveness. Not only this, but you will also submit an elucidative note to Mr. Steward by tomorrow.

Teacher’s poor performance

Mr. Ralph, please take this note seriously as it has been issued after seeing your poor performance. You have been teaching grade 7th but your class performance is below the average. The students’ concepts are not clear and they are not satisfied with your performance. We have hired you to make things understandable for students but you are not meeting our expectations. Please visit the principal office tomorrow with a detailed note that why are you behaving unprofessionally.

Show cause notice sample