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Expense request form is one of the major business forms which is being used very commonly these days. The form is used when someone wants to get permission to make a purchase or to spend an amount of money. Make sure that the permission has been granted through the expense request form when you make any purchase. Sometimes, the reimbursement of money also occurs when you submit your request through expense request form.

Employees in any organization are required to get permission from higher authorities before making any purchase on the company’s expense. There are lots of details which he has to provide to the company such as his personal details as well as the details of the product to be purchased after the approval of request etc. if the form is not filled completely, the request can be rejected.

Layout & Format

Expense request forms are very important in any business. It is very important to fill those forms correctly so that the precise details can be delivered. You can also create the form for yourself. Creating an expense request form is easy if you know about the contents of the form and how to layout them. Although there is no specific format to be followed for these forms, there is a need to organize each and every field in a good manner. Every company has its own format of the form for submitting a request. You should follow the format that is being used in your company. The form should be designed in such a way that it can give a professional look to users of the form.

Pre-Designed Forms

Since there are lots of employees in a company who submit the request for making any purchase in a day, it can be very hard for a business to provide the form to all of them. Using the template can speed up the process of getting requests and can also save money. If you want to design a form based on specific fields, you can easily do that by bringing little modifications to pre-existing expense request form. You can also get a template from many websites. These templates are easily customizable and very easy to use. You can easily add or remove the fields from the expense request form template.

Key Elements of the Form:

The main details which are added in the form are:

  1. Application number or ID
  2. Purpose of submitting the request
  3. Internal requisition details
  4. Purchase order
  5. Amount requested
  6. Contact details including phone number and email address

Make sure you provide every detail in a good way so that your request can be honored. These forms are very useful for the company also in order to keep the record of all the expenses. There are some businesses which provide the expense request form on their official website to be filled online, however, in some businesses, you will have to get a hard copy of the form and then to submit it.

About Template

Following are given two samples that are well prepared by the relevant professionals. You can DOWNLOAD and start using these forms straightforward, however, necessary changes can be made accordingly.


Preview & Details of Templates

Expense request form

Expense Request Form Template-1

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Expense request form

Expense Request Form Template-2

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