Disciplinary Report Letter on Work Quality

What is a disciplinary report letter?

A disciplinary report letter is a document in which all the disciplinary actions taken against the employee are documented. In simple words, this report is used to see the work quality of the employee. An employee who performs well usually has a good and rewarding disciplinary report. Companies usually share the disciplinary report by writing a letter to the employee known as a disciplinary report letter.

Why is a disciplinary report letter important?

The work performance and work ethics of the employees working in a particular company are continuously monitored by certain people from time to time. After eliciting results from the monitoring, the report is prepared and results are written in a letter sent to the employee.

What is the benefit of writing a disciplinary report letter on work quality?

Companies make this report of every employee working in that company. Through this report, the company keeps an eye on the employee performance. The report letter lets the employee know about the disciplinary actions that have been taken against him. Although the employee knows where he did something wrong, this letter reminds him of everything in detail.

The report created for disciplinary actions is usually attached to the employee’s file. If the employee does not show compliance with company rules, he will be afraid of getting this report attached to his file. With this fear, many employees improve their behavior.

This report also shows whether the employee has been given any warnings. If the warning were given, what impact they had on the employee? These things mentioned in the report letter tell a lot about the employee’s attitude. If the employee behaves well, he can share this report with everyone just to prove himself to be disciplined.

How to write a disciplinary report letter?

Here are a few instructions for you so that you can write this letter effectively:

  1. Mention all those areas of the discipline in which the employee did not come up to the expectations of the company. For example, if the employee does not become punctual and shows tardiness many times, mention it in the letter.
  2. Give details of the failure to be a disciplined individual. For example, if you are discussing the tardiness of the employee, also tell how many minutes the employee was late from work.
  3. This letter should also show some positive aspects such as the measurement of improvements once the disciplinary action was taken against the employee.
  4. For example, if there has been no repetition in the infraction once the employee was sent a verbal or written warning, do mention it to the employee.
  5. Ask the employee to contact you if he thinks that justice has not been done with the report.
  6. Keep the report short. You can do it by specifying the necessary components of the report and excluding all those components that don’t matter to the employee.

This is a sample letter that was written to the employee to let him know the report that has been drafted based on his performance in the company.  

Sample letter:

To: Name of the employee

From: Name of the employer

Date: ——————

RE: Subject of the letter

Dear (name of the employee),

This is an official letter being written to you to share the disciplinary report with you. Please find the following details elicited from your disciplinary report:

  • Tardiness:

The employee has shown accumulated tardiness of 25 minutes in the whole period of single pay. On the dates of 5, 6, 7, and 8 of June, the employee has undergone the tardiness without even informing.

5th June 2020:  15 minutes late
6th June 2020: 5 minutes late
7th June 2020: 2 minutes late
8th June 2020: 3 minutes late

  • Absenteeism:

The employee has shown absenteeism once in one pay period. The employee was absent from work without sending leave on 18th June 20XX.

  • Infraction:

It is the policy of the company that the employee must show himself up before the supervisor after being late from work. However, the employee did not show up, and in this way, has shown negligence at work.


The employee was reprimanded for showing tardiness for four consecutive days. After that, the employee showed improvement in behavior and did not get late for work.

The employee was observed for 3 months and it has been seen that he has not shown any repetition of the infraction or tardiness.

In case you have a query related to the report that has been shared with you, you can contact us.


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Disciplinary Report Letter on Work Quality

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