Disciplinary Action Letter for Swearing and Cursing

Using inappropriate language at the workplace is not justified at any cost. Inappropriate language at the workplace does not always include hurling abuses on each other. Rather, swearing and cussing at also becomes the part of inappropriate language based on the context on which it is used.

There are many companies in which we can see that the use of swearing words by employees is very common. The need to use swearing words arises when an employee of the company finds himself to be in a stressful situation. At the same time, there are also many such workplaces where the use of these words is considered to be extremely offensive and it is likely to enrage people when they hear such words.

Considering the offense of swearing, there are certain policies and laws enacted by different organizations to preclude workers from using such language. When these rules are applied, the company becomes liable to take disciplinary actions against those who don’t abide by these rules.

What is a disciplinary action letter?

Disciplinary action is taken when an employer finds out that the employee has engaged himself in serious offensive and does not seem to improve himself notwithstanding a multitude of warnings.

What is the purpose of writing the disciplinary action letter for swearing and cursing?

The basic objective behind writing this letter is to let the employee know that the company has decided to take action against the offense he has perpetrated despite having been told that this offense is not acceptable by the company. Companies usually take disciplinary actions when they realize that the employee will not correct himself unless he is punished with any disciplinary action. This action can be in the form of a deduction from the salary or anything else. In the worst scenarios, the company can terminate the employee from a job.

Importance of writing disciplinary action for using inappropriate words:

‘No swearing’ policy is implemented in most of the organizations. It should be reinforced if a company has such a policy in its system. No matter which policy or rule is enacted in the company, it is incumbent upon every individual to abide by them. Furthermore, a company must make sure that everyone working there understands the importance of following rules.

Sometimes, not cussing at the workplace is not even a policy. However, the employee feels the need to cultivate such a culture at the workplace in which, everyone knows that swearing is not allowed. By writing the disciplinary action letter, the employer achieves what he wants to achieve.

The swearing words are usually very offensive and the employer does not like them. Through this letter, it is expressed that the action of the employee is offensive and he needs to avoid such things in the future.

What are the effects of disciplinary action letters on using swearing words?

A letter is written to inform about the disciplinary action usually have many positive effects on the employee. Those who don’t seem to correct themselves often do it when they receive disciplinary action letters. In this way, they are likely to wean off the habit of using cussing words at the workplace.

Those who don’t receive this letter see others getting this and then they also take corrective measures to avoid themselves from getting this letter as it puts a negative impression on the profile of the employee when this letter is attached to the personal file of the employee.

Many such employees don’t take policies of the company seriously until they receive a disciplinary action letter. Next time, the employee will remember how to act at the workplace and how to use appropriate language.

 Sample letter:

To: Mr. XYZ

Date: ——————

RE: Subject of the letter

Dear (name of the employee),

This is an official letter for your action of using swearing words at the workplace. The use of swearing words at the workplace is prohibited as per the policy of the company. Using the swearing and cussing words despite knowing that it is not prohibited is a serious offense that is a complete violation of the rules of the company.

You have been given many verbal warnings about using inappropriate words at the workplace as reported by one of your co-workers. With this letter of disciplinary action, I am informing you that the company has decided to deduct 10% of your salary for this month.

I am reminding you through this letter that since you are a part of this organization, you are expected to abide by the rules the company has enacted. It is also reminded that being on your position, you are required to be more diligent in your work in the future.

A copy of this disciplinary action will be attached to your file.


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