Annual Increase Delay Letter to Staff

What is the annual increase delay letter?

It is a kind of letter that the company’s managers or employers write when they have to communicate that salary of the employee will be late. Whenever there is a need to communicate the news of delayed salary, it is ensured that everyone working in the company comes to know about it. Therefore, this letter is written to all the staff members and it is also ensured that every person in the staff is reached via this letter.

Employees expect an annual increase in their salary as per the policy of the company. There is a specific month each year in which the salary of every employee is raised based on performance. Sometimes, there are some specific situations in which the company has to delay the annual increase. When this happens, lots of speculations start circulating the workplace. The email of HR also gets flooded with emails of employees asking about the increase in pay. Therefore, writing this letter is important.

How should a delay in annual raise be addressed?

1- Admit the problem:

When there is a delay in salary, it is a clear indication that the company is going through tough times. For some business owners, it is even harder to deal with those who keep demanding raise in salary time and again. Therefore, the company should not beat around the bush and try to be clear. The company should tell the staff that there is a delay in annual increase because there are lots of financial crisis a company is trying to work through.

2- Clear apprehensions:

As a matter of fact, no one wants a delay in the increase in salary. Some employees have to be the breadwinner of their home and therefore, they have lots of apprehensions in their minds. Sometimes, they get into pressure to an extent that they start thinking to switch to another job. These apprehensions should be cleared via this letter.

3- Ask them to have trust in you:

Most of the apprehensions are the result of a lack of trust in the leadership. People think that their employer does not want to raise their salary because of their interests. This enrages them. You should write this letter to ask them to have some patience and believe in the top leadership in the company.

4- End with gratitude:

At the end of the letter, express your gratitude to all the employees of the company who have been working in the company even though the company did not raise their salary. Express your gratitude to all those who have shown patience in this testing time.

5- Keep the letter brief:

You might want to say lots of things to your staff while writing this letter. However, saying everything is not recommended. You should include only those details in the letter that are important to be conveyed. Your staff has nothing to do with the internal technicalities of the company. You had better not discuss them in a letter keeping it short and to the point.

The sample letter being shared is a letter to the staff of the company in an attempt to inform it about the delay in raise in salary. This letter has addressed the unprecedented situation of pandemic across the world that has badly affected the production unit of the company.

Sample Letter

To: the staff of company ABC,

Date: [Date]

RE: Annual increase delay due to [TEXT]

All respected staff members,

This letter is being written to announce that there will be a delay in the annual salary of the entire company. We are very much apologetic for this delay. We can understand the problems you all might be going through. We are so sorry for causing you inconvenience and making you shoulder the undue financial burden in an indirect way.

You all might be aware of the prevailing economic situations across the world. The pandemic has badly affected the company. The company was forced to close many of its branches in different cities with the fear of the spread of viruses. Owing to this, the company could not generate enough revenue to afford the annual increase in salaries.

We would like to request all of you to show some patience and lend some support to us in this testing time. We promise you to increase the annual salary of all of you as soon as the conditions revert to normalcy.  I hope that you have understood the position of the company in this situation.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you so much for believing in us and making us feel that you all are with the company in this difficult time.


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