First Warning Letter for Mobile Use at Work

What is the warning letter for mobile usage?

Cell phone usage has deteriorated the personal and professional lives of many people. This is because such people don’t know when to use a mobile phone and when they should keep it away. Considering this, many companies have devised a policy according to which, those who use the mobile phone when they are supposed to work, they have been entrusted with will be warned and eventually terminated. For informing the employees about it, the warning letter for mobile usage at work is written.

Importance of writing the warning letter:

Almost every organization has prohibited the usage of mobile phones in the workplace. It has been seen that those people who use a cell phone while working are less productive as compared to those who don’t use it. No organization can work with less productive people when they can be made productive by restricting them to use a cell phone.

The company lets its employees know about the policy of mobile usage restriction via an employment letter. However, some employees completely ignore it and keep violating the rules of the workplace. Such employees are then warned by writing the warning letter.

A warning letter is rather a strict note written by the employer to his employees so that the employee can feel the tone and correct himself.

How to write the warning letter for the first time?

To write an effective warning letter, you need to consider the following guidelines:

  • Give a warning statement:

The employee should be told at the very start of this letter that this is a warning letter and the employee is expected to treat it like a warning letter. Since this warning is being given for the first time, the employer’s tone in this letter is usually considerably soft.

  • Mention reason:

It is a basic right of the employee to know why he is being warned. Therefore, the employer should tell the employee that he has been seen using a mobile phone at work which has compelled the employer to warn the employee.

  • Recall the policy:

Although it is obvious for everyone to know that using a cell phone at work is strictly prohibited, people take it lightly because they are not aware of the consequences. In the warning letter, the manager should mention the consequences. For example, if the policy of the company is to lay off the employee after one warning letter, the worker should come to know via this letter that he will be expelled if he does not stop using his cell phone.

  • Actions upon repetition of same offense:

The manager should tell the recipient of the letter that the company has a right to take strict disciplinary actions against the employee upon repetition of the mistake. In this way, the employee comes to know that he might get his job terminated if he continued using a cell phone.

Benefits of writing the first warning letter for mobile usage:

  1. Companies usually write such letters to correct the behavior of employees. Those employees who show negligence at work by doing anything offensive such as using a mobile phone can be asked to correct themselves via a warning letter.
  2. Some companies also give verbal warnings to the employee by calling him to the office and ask him to explain his wrong action. However, many people don’t bother verbal warnings. When a warning letter in a written form is sent to the employee, he can feel the seriousness of the matter.
  3. This warning letter also becomes proof that the employee’s job was terminated after he has been sent many warnings. In this way, the company can justify its actions if an employee takes necessary actions against the company for laying him off.
  4. The warning letter is the best way to communicate and make your employee understand the matter well. Some people don’t understand verbal warnings well. For such people, written warnings serve the purpose.

 Sample letter:

To: Mr. XYZ

Date: ——————

RE: Cell phone use at workplace is prohibited

Dear (name of the employee),

You have been observed using a mobile phone during work hours. You were seen making personal calls via your cell phone. It is the policy of the company that no employee can use the cell phone in working hours. This affects the productivity of the person to a great extent. If anyone is seen using a mobile phone on the premises of the company, the company considers it a serious offense and the management is also liable to take disciplinary action against those employees.

Please treat this letter as a first warning for you from the management. The company can take necessary actions if you don’t stop using a mobile phone when you are on duty.


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