Customer Complaint Response Letters

A smart business realizes that each customer is important for its success. Customer management remains the core of successful businesses. Having a satisfied customer base will not only yield a potential return of the customers but also attract more customers. Therefore, organizations that take care of their customers prosper better.

Today’s customer is more aware, more knowledgeable and demands much more than just a product. The customer demands experience making the job of the customer sales representative challenging. Organizations have also understood the power of customers and therefore scramble over to please them. It’s a competitive world and thus businesses are hard-pressed to come up with innovative and engaging concepts for customer experience management.

An important component of customer experience management is handling customer complaints. This is no easy feat, rather a response to customer complaints is what differentiates a successful business from an unsuccessful one!

There are many reasons why customers complain such as:

  • Faulty product/service
  • Damaged goods
  • Not receiving good/service on time
  • Poor customer handling
  • Misguidance
  • Product/service does not fulfill claims made by business
  • Poor quality goods/service
  • Any other issue that causes dissatisfaction among customers

Subsequently, any business has several choices on how to respond to customer complaints such as:

  • Ignoring the customer complaint
  • Blaming customer
  • Talking to customers rudely
  • Not facilitating customer
  • Facilitating customer partially
  • Facilitating customer completely

One must accept that there are different types of customers. Not everyone can be made happy, although the business must try its best. Therefore, businesses choose which customer complaints to handle and how to handle them. In some situations, it is absolutely necessary to respond to customer complaints. These situations could be:

  • The customer has really suffered from poor customer service
  • The customer received a damaged or faulty product
  • Poor quality of product/service
  • The customer was not properly guided
  • The customer was unable to understand the product/service
  • The customer wants a refund/exchange
  • The customer is a valuable client who often does business with your organization or is a source of more clients
  • The customer threatens to file a lawsuit

There are many other scenarios as well in which it may be necessary to respond to customer complaints. If you have had such trouble and are looking for clues on how to handle them, then here are some samples to respond to customer complaints:

1- Unhappy customer response letter

Respected customer,

We are sincerely apologetic about your experience with our [enter product/service name]. Our new systems started operating just two weeks back and things are still in the process of streamlining. Unfortunately, you had to suffer [enter complain] during this process.

We are working day and night to resolve the issue and hope to fix the problem within this week. We hope you have a pleasant experience next time you visit our branch. Meanwhile please do let us know how maybe help you further.


Unhappy customer response letter

2- Angry customer response letter

Dear customer,

It is indeed unfortunate what happened to you upon hiring our services. Our services are routinely checked for quality control and customer service representatives are given extensive training for excellent customer service. The aggressive behavior of our customer representative has been noted and the organization will investigate the issue further.

Your clientele is very dear to us and we aim to make every effort to please you. We hope you will find kindness in your heart to give us another chance to serve you. Your payment for services will be partially refunded to you.

Best regards,

Angry customer response letter

3- Bad customer service response letter

Respected customer,

We regret that you were unable to receive our best customer service on [enter date & location]. The customer representative who worked with you was still under training and therefore unable to guide you properly.

We wish you connect with you again and provide premium customer service as is our motto. Look forward to serving you again.

Bad customer service response letter

4- Damaged goods complaint response letter


Manager at ABC Shop

Dated: 28th February 20XX

Subject: Response to a complaint of damaged goods

Dear Meezes,

I am writing this letter in response to the complaint you lodged yesterday on our official website. We are sorry to hear that your product was damaged before you could enjoy it.

Our company excels in providing all the orders at your doorstep so that your precious time is saved. Our response team reviewed your complaint thoroughly and managed to get to the roots of the issue.

Your goods were packaged with utmost care and were handed to delivery services to deliver them to you. Upon inquiry, we found out that the delivery vehicle met an accident and suffered severe jerks which damaged many packages. Somehow, the delivery team managed to deliver a few packages that were in good shape. Your package was also one of those and got delivered.

It was not anyone’s fault, but you should get value for your money, therefore, our company has packaged and sent your order and you might receive it in a day or two. Do shop with us again, we are always happy to serve you.


Adi Naved
Manager at XYZ Company

5- Company Services Complaint Response Letter

Dear Ifra Gull,

I am writing this letter to respond to your complaint that you registered on our website yesterday. Our company excels in providing door-to-door services for plumbing, electrical work, carpenters, and others. Our response team reviewed your complaint thoroughly and we apologize for the poor service that you had to experience from our employee for 2 months.

We always manage to provide exceptional services to our valued customers so that you don’t have to suffer at the hands of petty issues at home. Therefore, we took up your complaint and followed it to catch the culprit. It turns out that the assigned plumber was not doing his job properly and a few other customers also pointed out the same mistakes which form a pattern of being lazy at work and leaving it incomplete.

Taking strict actions, we have decided to terminate the contract of that employee and hire an experienced person for the job. We are sorry for every inconvenience that our company has caused you.

Our newly hired employee will visit your home to cater to all the issues related to plumbing. Kindly consider our services for your every task. We will be delighted to help you in every manner.

6- Food Poisoning Complaint Response Letter

Dear Ifrah,

I received your complaint regarding the quality of food at my restaurant that you registered on our official website. First, please know that we take great pride in serving our old and loyal customers, as this is what keeps us going.

Secondly, I apologize for the bad experience you had at the restaurant regarding the quality of the food provided. I am sorry that your family is suffering from food poisoning due to the consumption of bad-quality food. I have investigated the matter personally and talked to chefs about the situation.

After inquiry, we found the culprit and it was the meat vendor who provided foul meat at the restaurant. We have canceled our agreement with that vendor and made new arrangements with other vendors that specialize in providing good-quality raw materials.

We would like you to change your bad experience to a good one by visiting us again soon so that we can serve you amazing food.

Kindly consider my offer for a delightful experience.

7- Bad food quality

I am writing this letter in response to your complaint no. [#]. I was delighted to know that you are a regular customer of my restaurant and enjoy your food in a good environment. I apologize for the last night experience that you suffered at the hands of slow management. Your complaint explained that the food was not properly cooked, and service was poor which made the food get colder.

I am taking matters seriously as it is important to provide exceptional service to every customer regardless of the crowd and any other reason. I have already checked in with the kitchen and talked to the chef in charge about your complaint.

Talking about the service provided, the pressure was high due to a smaller number of servers last night. I am dealing with the team related to these issues and assure you that you will not face such a situation ever again.

I would like you to visit us again soon and enjoy dinner at the house with your family.

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