Warning Letter for not Showing Up

Managing employees is an everyday task to ensure that personnel put in the required effort to produce planned goals. Organizations that do not pay attention to employee punctuality suffer from low productivity and overall poor coordination. This happens because if employees are not arriving at the office on time rather following their own routine, they will find it difficult to coordinate with others.

If an employee is occasionally late or late once in a while, it can be let go. There can be many reasons for that such as a car breaking down, accident, an emergency, feeling ill or any other unexpected problem. Provided the employee informs the office as soon as possible, one-time late attendance is not an offense. However, if an employee is frequently late without any genuine excuse, it is a matter of being casual. Such employees then suffer from poor performance evaluation in most cases.

Professional behavior requires employees to arrive at work on time and be regular. Employees with late attendance or irregular attendance often exhibit a poor understanding of their work and their work productivity might be low. Late attendance is considered poor behavior in a professional environment, so is irregular attendance.

An employee arriving on time and regularly not only benefits the organization but also improves an employee’s performance. It enables him/her to understand and comprehend organizational goals, develop a sense of commitment, and work with a deeper understanding. It also gives more opportunity to thrive in an organization and progress. If an employee has irregular attendance, he/she will be unable to develop a deep sense of belonging to the organization.

So, what can you do as a manager/administrator?  In order to correct an employee’s habits, managers may initiate the process of compliant by verbal reprimands followed be a written warning. If you don’t know what to write in a warning letter, you can use our templates here:

1- Warning letter for not showing up on time

To: [employee name]

Subject: Warning letter for late attendance

It has been observed that your arrival at work is frequently late. Office timings are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Earlier you were notified that late arrival at work is not appreciated in our organization. Your frequent violation of punctuality causes hindrance in official productivity.

Please note you will be under strict scrutiny with regards to timings for the next four weeks. After that further action may be taken by the HR department.


Warning letter for not showing up on time

2- Warning letter for irregular attendance

To: [employee name]

Subject: Warning for Irregular attendance

This is to inform you that your attendance records show you have irregular attendance at work. About three weeks back, one of our HR officials also asked to you meet and discuss if you were facing any issues at work or personally. You responded in the negative. Without any genuine reason, irregular attendance at work is not appreciated. It sets a bad example and is counter-productive.

Please be warned that you have already used all your casual leaves. Any further irregularity in your attendance shall be marked as absent and pay will be subsequently deducted.


Warning letter for irregular attendance