Contract Non-renewal Letter to Employer

Before a company hires any employee, they ask them to sign a contract that helps them protect their rights. The contract will have a limited duration and then it expires. There is the option of a renewal of the contract. It is important to follow formalities when wanting to get the contract renewed and also when you want to terminate it. You can write the contract non-renewal letter to the employer for this.

It is a letter that an employee will write to the boss prior to the termination of their contract. The letter aims to allow the employer to know that the particular employee does not wish to renew the contract. The letter can be said to be an end-of-service announcement type of letter.

Contract non-renewal letter to employer importance:

Employees usually wait for the service contract to end as the contract will probably not let them leave the company. When an employee wants to leave the company they should do it formally with the contract non-renewal letter. When the contract ends, both parties will not be under any legal terms and conditions and so the employee can submit this letter.

It helps the company know that the employee wants to end the contract. It shows the professionalism of the employee as well because they will be professionally pursuing procedures. The letter can be kept as proof in case there are issues with the former employee.

It will probably be the employee who wants to resign who will design the contract non-renewal letter to their boss. They should be the ones to let the boss know that they do not want their contract to be renewed.

Writing a professional letter

If you need to design a contract non-renewal letter to the employer and are not sure of how to do this, consider the following points:

State purpose of the letter:

You may think that it is rather rude to ask the employer to not renew your contract. If this is the case, you can write a letter to politely inform them of this. You should start the letter by informing the employer about the decision in the beginning. The boss should know that you will not renew the contract with the company. You will state your employment number, designation in the company, as well as any other details that will help the boss know who you are.

State date of expiry:

You need to mention the date on which the contract will expire. This will allow the employer to know after which date you will not be an employee of the company.

Tell the reason:

It is a good idea to tell the reason why you do not want the contract to be renewed. It should be a genuine reason. You mustn’t criticize the company. You may need to contact your boss in the future if you need recommendations from him/her. You should not include unnecessary details and a boring story in the letter. When the reader reads it they should know what you are trying to say immediately.

Let the employer know you will complete any pending work:

It is incumbent on an employee to complete any unfinished work. They should let the employer know about this. It will show your professionalism. The employer will probably ask you to finish unfinished work but by informing them about this in the letter, you will be giving a good impression. You can thank the employer for allowing you to have the opportunity to work in the company and how it has helped you out. They should know that you liked working with them.

Formal format:

The letter needs to be written professionally. The tone should be formal. You can give the date and include the details of the employer. Include a subject line so the reader knows what the letter is about.

You can then address the employer with “Dear” and then his/her name. The letter should have paragraphs that are clear and understandable. The employer must not be annoyed with the letter. The letter can be ended with “Yours sincerely” and your signatures. Choose a font like Times New Roman or Arial to write the letter in and a font like 12 or 14.

It is not easy leaving a job and asking your employer to not renew your contract. You need to keep a positive image with the company as you may need help from it at any time. By writing a letter you can inform the boss in a professional way that you do not want your contract to be removed. The letter can include all details related to this.

Contract non-renewal letter to employer

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