Complaint Letters of Park in a Poor Condition

Park is one of the most visited recreational places. It is the responsibility of local management to take care of the park. Good management always takes care of such entertaining and refreshing places for the public.

Sometimes, due to the negligence of management or its workers, the condition of the park becomes worse. Due to its poor conditions, people stop visiting the park, and those who do face a lot of problems.

The complaint letter is written to the local management, which is responsible for providing the required maintenance to the park. It is always advised to write a complaint letter to the concerned department so that their attention can be drawn to the issue.

The purpose of writing this letter is to make the recipient concerned about the performance of the staff responsible for managing the park and its facilities.

Tips for writing the complaint letter:

  1. Describe the problem that you are facing. It is important to be straight and precise. There can be many problems with the condition of the park. What exactly do you mean by the poor condition? This should be stated in the letter. Explain the matter in detail. For example, if you are talking about the poor condition of the grass, you should explain the condition of the grass that you want the management of the park to see.
  2. It should also be stated in the letter, in simple and straight words, what you want the management to do. In most cases, the complaint letter also serves the purpose of a request letter, as you request that the recipient repair and give proper maintenance to several parts.
  3. The tone of the letter should not be offensive. You should not be angry or sarcastic while writing this complaint letter. Writing the complaint letter in a polite tone can have more influence on the mind of the recipient, and s/he can take further steps to improve the condition of the park.

Sample Letters


I am writing to express my deep concern about the deteriorating condition of the family park at the XYZ Housing Community. I am a frequent visitor and see lots of families enjoying a relaxing time with their kids at the park every day. I believe it is essential to bring attention to this matter to preserve the park’s beauty and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for our families.

Over the past few months, I have noticed several issues that need urgent attention. The playground equipment is worn out and damaged. It poses potential risks to children using them. Moreover, the pathways are uneven, and the grass is overgrown with weeds growing all over. This interferes with the neat and appealing look that the park once had. In addition, this has also attracted pests and insects.

I kindly request that the park management address these concerns promptly. Regular maintenance and repair of playground equipment, as well as cleaning and landscaping efforts, are required.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to seeing positive changes in the park’s condition soon.


I am writing to express my growing concern regarding the condition of our beloved park after the recent rain showers. The park seriously lacks post-rain maintenance. This has led to numerous issues that require immediate attention.

Following the recent rainfall, the park has become a cause for concern due to overgrown grass, making it difficult for visitors to enjoy its facilities and pathways comfortably. Moreover, the uneven and waterlogged ground poses a risk to children and other park visitors.

In addition, the lack of proper drainage has caused puddles and muddy patches, rendering some areas inaccessible and unsuitable for use. This not only dampens the park experience but also creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes and other pests.

I urgently request that the park management take suitable measures in order to address these post-rain issues. Regular grass-cutting and ground leveling will ensure a safer and more pleasant environment for park visitors.

A well-maintained park will help make visitors’ experiences more pleasant. It is also important to remember that the parks in our community reflect the overall image of the housing society. I, therefore, expect the management to take quick action in order to maintain this image.

I would appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to witnessing improvements in the park’s condition.


I am a resident of block number 57N. I have been living in this block for the last five years. We love this society and the ambiance we have here. I and my kids love to have a morning walk and easy exercise in the park every day. The park used to be a wonderful, lush place to meditate and spend time with nature.

Since the last few months, it seems like the council has not been taking care of the park. The flowers and grass are dying. There is no new cultivation. Even so, there is no weeding or mowing at all.

Please take appropriate steps to restore the beauty of the park as soon as possible.

Complaint Letter of Park in a Poor Condition

Sample Letter 1


This letter is to highlight the poor conditions of our local park. My kids are very fond of this park. It is not only a park for us. It is a community meeting place for us, where our friends and kids meet up and enjoy their moments. Swings have always been a big attraction for kids. This is one of the ways I encourage kids to go out and play. As you know, in an era of digital media, it has been a challenge to inculcate kids in healthy activities.

Therefore, I would like to make this request to renovate the park so that our kids can enjoy the facilities again.

Complaint Letter of Park in a Poor Condition

Sample Letter 2