Warning Letter for Absenteeism on Mondays & Fridays

A workplace is dedicated to striving for excellence. Striving for excellence never only goes for generating higher revenues but also it needs excellence in the work environment. A radiant work environment enhances the personality and skills of all the members. Resultant, it gives an outstanding personality with vivid skills.

One vital phenomenon of an organization to be competitive is maintaining the rules and procedures at their level best. As a result, it gives a sound, smooth and prospective work environment. One hurdle commonly faced is absenteeism. A prompt breakthrough is always needed in this case. The employee’s high handedness for absenteeism is never acceptable at any rate.

When absenteeism rate becomes adverse, it needs immediate envisagement. Despite all, an organization provides many privileges to employees regarding leaves and holidays.

Absenteeism has a proper procedure to be followed. Absenteeism can be due to valid reasons like sudden illness of a family member, sudden death, uncertain circumstances, or any natural disaster. In such cases, employees should promptly inform the supervisor.

Sometimes, absenteeism just occurs due to a non-serious attitude of the employee. This leads to a serious setback to the workplace. When an employee is absent especially on Monday and Friday, it messes the desired output completion. Friday is a closing day of the whole week tasks and responsibilities. Likewise, on Monday various new tasks are to assigned etc. repeated absents lead to the issuance of a warning letter. The warning contains some valid period for correction. Otherwise, it leads to eviction.


Sample Letter

This is a formal letter to warn all the employees of their off and on absence on Fridays & Mondays. This issue has become job threatening indeed for all of you and you are not showing any serious concerns about it. Since everyone knows that your Saturdays & Sundays are already off, we cannot afford this much long weekend if you stay absent on Fridays & Mondays.

A warning letter has become the need of the hour to restrict you from your rough routines & make you realize the importance of being regular. The company has decided to deduct the salary of three days if you stay absent on Fridays & Mondays.

Absenteeism on these two specific days shows your lack of interest & dedication for your job & also grades you as an extremely irresponsible person.

The company cannot withstand such an irresponsible attitude & that is why you are informed if you do not quit this practice, you will be terminated without issuing further warning notices.

We cannot put the reputation of our company at stake. You are advised to take this warning letter as the final one. In otherwise, you will swiftly be dismissed from your job.


Warning Letter for Absenteeism on Mondays & Fridays

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