Complaint Letters about School Facilities

Complaint letters are written in almost every organization. These letters do not depict a negative act rather they are encouraging. They let the reader know about the problems in the organization which s/he may not be aware of. Writing the complaint letter can resolve lots of problems of yours, and others working with you.

A complaint letter about school facilities is written by students of the school when they are unhappy with any of the facilities in the school. This can also be written by teachers or other staff members. The letter is usually written to the principal of the school who is the controller of the school and can investigate the entire matter to resolve it.

There can be many things that a student can complain about such as limited playing area on the ground, not having proper lights in the class, lack of staffing resources in the school, and a lot more. If you have multiple things to complain about, you can enlist all of them in the letter.

Tips to complaint about school facilities

The purpose of writing this letter is to grab the attention of the reader. Since this letter is written to the principal, the tone of the letter should be polite and respectful. It is better to start writing the letter by giving your information as well as the detail about the problem at hand.

If you have written the complaint letter earlier, do mention it in the letter. Your letter will get more attention if you write about several reminders.

The tone of the letter should not be commanding. You can request the principal to take serious notice of the problem you are facing and resolve it at his earliest convenience. Attach the necessary documents in the letter that can support your complaint.

Include your name and contact details. If you are a student, mention your registration number and your class name along with the section. End the letter with a positive note. Make the reader know that you are expecting the problems to be resolved within 3 or 6 days/weeks/months.

Sample Letters


I am XYZ, father of ABC who studies in grade 7 at your school. I am writing to express my concern regarding the lack of lab facilities at the school. As a concerned parent, I believe it is important to discuss this issue as I am worried about my child’s academic growth which requires all kinds of educational facilities, including a science lab.

In grade 7, the curriculum requires students to learn about various aspects of science through practical experimentation. They also need to observe and be acquainted with lab equipment. However, due to the lack of lab facilities, the students will not be able to learn properly.

This matter requires your immediate attention since it affects the academic growth of students.

I look forward to appropriate action from the school administration.


I am writing this letter to bring your attention to the school facilities. My daughter, who has recently been enrolled at your school in grade 2, has been upset about not having access to the school’s library. Library access is an important part of education and must be provided to all students.

I have had a discussion regarding the matter with my daughter’s class teacher, Miss XYZ. She informed me about the school’s policy regarding library rules for elementary school students who have their library period within the classrooms. This is unfair since all students have the right to visit the library, borrow books and learn about library etiquette.

I hope to see a positive change in response to my complaint. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


I am writing this letter to the school administration to bring your attention to some ignored areas. This has been one of the best schools in the society. This is the main reason we preferred this school. But recently, I have been getting complaints from my kids regarding the poor lunch facilities. The school lunch menu contained items that are healthy for children including milk, fruits, and organic products.

During the last week, the kids have been mentioning getting junk food for lunch. This is not only unhealthy but also not acceptable as per the school lunch policy.

I would like to request the school to upgrade the lunch menu with better healthy eating options.

Complaint Letter about School Facilities

Sample Letter -1


My daughter is a student at your school and studies in the fourth standard. She has been complaining a lot regarding dirty bathrooms and classrooms. This is not very acceptable. It is the responsibility of the school administration to ensure that the school premises are kept clean.

Bacteria and diseases can easily spread by not maintaining hygiene. Children are more prone to such health issues due to weak immune systems. I would like to request the school management to look after the cleaning services on a regular basis. We must encourage the concept of cleanliness in our surroundings as well as our own body.

Complaint Letter about School Facilities

Sample Letter -1