Complaint Letters for School Toilet

It is the responsibility of school administration to provide all the facilities to staff and students of the school. One of the basic facilities that everyone has a right to get is a clean toilet. The unhygienic condition of the toilet in a school can be very harmful to the health of individuals.

When it comes to cleaning the toilet, every school’s management hires a special person for doing this job. Many educational institutes particularly schools don’t pay much attention to toilets as they think that their primary job is to provide good education to students. According to them, cleaning the toilet is a secondary job that does not require a proper attention.

There are lots of things to bother if school’s principal pays attention to sanitary conditions. The dirty and stinky toilet reflects the negligence of the workers and sweepers. Moreover, it also shows that the school does not have enough funds to clean the toilet properly or the funds of the schools are being misused.

Lack of good etiquettes can also be the cause of poor sanitary conditions. In such a situation, the principal of the school can take some initiatives for educating the staff as well as students for using the school’s toilet properly.

It is important to draw the attention of the school’s principal towards the dirty toilet. A clean toilet is the main expectation of everyone who is directly or indirectly associated with the school. Anyone who uses school toilet can write the complaint letter to school’s principal.

The cleanliness of the toilet depicts the performance of the principal. The principal should be informed about the unhealthy condition of school toilet through complaint letter. This letter should be written in a formal tone since you are addressing the school’s principal.

Make sure that you add the subject in the letter so that the purpose of the letter is cleared to the reader immediately. Explain the condition of the toilet briefly. Tell the reader the type of actions you want him to take for ensuring the cleanliness in the toilet.

Sample Letters


Complaint Letter for School ToiletI am addressing this letter to the school management. My son studies in 5th standard in your school. He has been a very sharp and a very high maintenance kid. He has been complaining to me regarding the poor conditions of the school toilet. Toilets can be the most daunting place for a child if the toilet is dirty. We have been encouraging our kids to drink more water to keep them hydrated in this hot weather. But the fear of using the dirty bathroom at school has become a worry for them.

Please take appropriate actions to resolve this matter.


Complaint Letter for School ToiletI am writing this letter to the school cleaning service. Living in an advanced world, where we need to educate our children regarding personal hygiene and maintenance, the school has been providing the children with dirty bathrooms. My son has been really upset with the poor to no facilities available at all. He has been taking his own soap and hand wash as he complains that there is no hand wash available. Not just this, he has been telling me that some of the toilets do not even contain proper water facilities.

The school management should look after all these issues. We have been paying all this extra fee for the availability of these facilities. I am sure that you will take a notice of my complaint after reading my letter.